Posesive adjetive.. their your
by nokye August 27, 2007
the name given to only the most wonderful vietnamese girls
Thy! I love you very much but you need to eat your pho now!
by DJB May 22, 2004
an ancient english refers to "you". which is usually used in poems and etc.
i love thy.
by millo kane March 5, 2011
the coolest girl i know she is really fun to talk to. CRAZY! for doing extra credit but we all are. shes crazy cool to hang out with and can make someone smile forever. fantastically the coolest sweetest most beautiful kindest girl in the world a wonderful friend who listens synonym: PERFECT t= terrific h= horny =P y = you betcha shes pimptastic =)
by a laugher March 2, 2005
Used in Old English for the determiner, 'your'.
Line from the Lord's Prayer, "Thy kingdom come."
Transalation: "Your kingdom come."
by Muwqasdictionary January 31, 2022
The word that only MEGAN can use...yea thats right. BIZITCH! THY MEGAN IS THY HOT TAMALI!
me-Thats thy hot tamali
me-MEGAN U Dumb ASS!
by BASEY May 2, 2005
A Vietnamese name that is a mix between the names Thuy and Ann. Thuy means loyalty and friendship, while Ann is derived from a Latin name meaning grace. So, a person named Thy-An would not only be graceful, but also loyal and friendly(:
Thy-An got a puppy for Christmas and named it Turtle!
by amyyzingdreams January 2, 2009