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1.To be screwed,f**ked, or otherwise incapacitated.

2.A way to describe a bad situation.
1.Man he's oofed.

2.Damn, that test was oofed man.
by S@m P November 11, 2004
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When you ask someone if they wanna hang and they leave you in open for 5 hours then say oh no if you had asked me 4 hours ago I would have been free
Me: hey Debra you wanna hang


-5 hours later-

Debra: ah man I m busy now but I was free like 4 hours ago maybe next time
Me: I have been oofed
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by Master_emily July 29, 2018
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Getting hit, literally or not, so hard that you say things like, "OOF! I've McFallen!"
Dude1: *Roasts Dude2 so hard*
Dude1: Get oof'ed
by TheToughPieceOfMeat March 12, 2018
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buy the domain for your pet site
Dude 1: why you oofed?
Dude 2: my mom made me do chores.
Dude 1: no wonder you're oofed.
by hershismelty June 28, 2018
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Roblox man 1: hi how your day
Roblox man 2: I went to the bathroom and totally oofed
Roblox man 1;p: NOICE!!!
by Kdkfkrnrirnrjrbfjsnfjrnflwk April 26, 2019
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