a gaming platform where you steal your mom's credit card to look cool.
mom: Where is my credit card? brother: Alex took it so he could look cool in roblox!
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A game that is getting worse and clearly if you are under the age of 13 roblox won't let you say numbers and normal everyday words cuz apparently it "Protects kids from giving away personal info"
"I type: there are 33 people in the server"
When the message comes out : There are ## people in this server

Also roblox censores random things such as jfkekdmfj cuz they think it can generate bad words
This is really annoying if you're a bad speller as it also censores misspelled words

Robloxian1 types: iy leik ths gaim

When it's sent: #############
by Carcrusher109 August 20, 2017
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Telamon: Roblox, IT'S FREEEEEE
Me: *Points to the hats page of the catalog*
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
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A game about 7 year old kids "interacting" with each other.
Typical Roblox

Typical 7 year old Boy -123 For s3x-
Typical 7 year old girl -123-
Moments later...
Ugh ugh ugh -gets pregnant-

Me: (Joins Game)
Suddenly... Loud unintelligible sounds
Skrillex is playing
Me: Oh god why

Clothing and accessories

Me: Hey how come everyone has those swords on their backs?
Friend: Oh its just an accessory. You know,kids think their cool.
Me:But can you use them?
Friend:No,but you still have to pay real money for them.
Me:So what's the point!?

Commonly used words
Noob, S3x, OD'ing, OD'ers, f***, s***, **** you,...etc. Every swear word known to mankind.

I swear to god I wish I was making this up.
by EnsignShepard October 12, 2014
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Roblox, the game where “oof ” came from, and we're you can find a lot of cringe people and some cool people too where you can make friends. But, however, They are quick to remove you from there friends list for no reason at all so don't get comfortable. Also you might find some people who all dress the same, with the hair looking like crap and don't mind them we call them “copy and paste” They're like 5-12 and the tall, weird, anime loving, cat loving, virgin assslenders” are about the same age, so don't think they are cool. They are lame, avoid them. But you really want to fw the black robloxians , they mostly the real ones. And last but not least, Old people who flexes there limited items in-game 24.7, don't mind them, they have no friends or no life. So just be nice to them they have mental problems And most likely dying of cancer. You will also notice that mostly they whole friends list are full of “rich people” Trust me, they aren't really friends, they are just friends so they can have all rich people on they friends list. So play roblox, it's very fun, trust me, some people say they don't play it, but bitch... For real? Cap
Random Robloxian: Oh great, I just finally reached 200 friends max!
Robloxian Friend: *Removes him*
by LESS GOOO meme lover April 21, 2021
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The free game where over millions of kids play it (AND DON'T FORGET THE ADULTS AND TEENS)
It always puts "#" when you misspell, say numbers, or say certain words
Roblox Player: thia gamr ish funn
Chat comes out like: #### #### ### funn
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A game originally created in 2005. An online, "free", Lego-Like building game.
Local players would say that Roblox's community is getting worse and worse. Roblox is also giving less and less privileges to the players who do not pay for their exclusive Pay-With-Real-Money-To-Get-Advantages Club, "Builder's Club." (Also known as BC by the roblox community)
Most of the players on Roblox use Internet Slang, such as "Rofl", "Lol", "Lmao", "Wtf", etc.
Most players are around the ages of 7-12, and most of the time use bad grammar. (You can compare Roblox chat with MSN.)
Some of the "Popular" people on Roblox seem to be quitting the website. They usually claim that "The community is bad." Many of these people became famed on "Youtube" because of some videos recorded on Roblox.
Roblox is capable of you building your own "Place." Places are most like games, built with legos. To put it simply, they use Particle effects and "Lua" scripting. They also have a "Free Model" feature built in.
Since 2008, places have been mainly made with "Free Models", to create obstacle courses without the need to program your own game. Many veterans on roblox find this annoying, but new players find nothing wrong with taking the OpenSource work of others to create their own "Place."
The term "Noob" is very commonly used on Roblox. Most Roblox players have adapted to think that this term means "Idiot", "Idiotic", "Dumb", etc. The original meaning for this word is "New Player", however.
Hey, meet me on ROBLOX as 5:15
by brayofden February 05, 2010
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