a safe place. Some kind of hiding place of the sort.
After dinner I went to REFUGE.
by Kris March 19, 2003
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a terrible insult that the devil himself fears to use
Rohan: Hey Fred, you suck ass
Fred: I’ll say it
Rohan: hahaha like you have the guts
Rohan: *dies while body immediately burns to ash and hell caves over earth*
by brownskinyute2004 March 23, 2018
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Those little pieces of poo that are left floating in the toilet from the previous person who failed to flush properly and ensure that the bowl was fully clear before leaving.
I went to the bathroom and the person before me left a bunch of refugees behind. How rude of them.

by tubert November 5, 2015
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When a guy 1 is about to get with a girl, and everybody knows its gonna happen, but then random guy 2 which guy 1 doesn't even know about swoops down and snatches the girl right before anything happens. One of the worst ways to be blue balled out there.
1: Ey yo. You get with that girl yet?
2: Nah bro. I was just refugeed?
1: Nigga you playin? aw shit. thats cold.
by niqqaplease October 10, 2011
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The act of making up an excuse to not go back to your own dorm room in hopes of getting a random hookup.
Someone was caught refugeeing in DJ's room after the party.

You want to go refugeeing tonight?
by Team Skoal Mint February 25, 2008
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A person who has to leave their home because of war or prosecution and tries to find shelter in another country.

That refugee ran from the war in his country.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
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The correct definition of a 'refugee' is a person who is outside the country of their nationality, and is unable to or unwilling to avail him/herself of the protection of that country due to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

The latest use for the word refugee arrived in 2005 after hurricane katrina, when due to a natural disaster, the citizens of the gulf coast lost citizenship of the u.s. and aparently became outsiders.
"i lost my house, my family, my life, and my city...help me"- us

"shut up stupid refugee"-government
by the new-new orleanian May 25, 2008
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