A guy that's very fun to be around. Can always make you laugh and has a twisted sense of humor. Is very flirtatious and always seems to have a significant other. Oftentimes is extremely sexy.
Sebastion is looking pretty hot today.
by Buttered Biscuts December 28, 2010
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A boy who got hit in the head by a golf club and sucks his friends off
by Jerrylmp June 29, 2020
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An Asian looking male that says he’s Hawaiian but nobody believes him
Girl 1: So is Sebastion Asian? I’ve been wondering

Girl 2: I think so, he says Hawaiian but nobody believes him
Girl 1: Yea I don’t believe him either
Girl 2: He probably has a small peen lmao
by Tripzable September 15, 2019
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a fat fish of a person that will cheat on his beautiful girlfriend just for a fake girl with anger issues that will screw him to fill the hole of his depression, and it doesn’t work. he throws all of his friends away and in the end he has no girl but just hoes that are stupid and don’t know that they are trying to mess with an idiot. he also goes to the most bogator school ever
by yo fav smartie April 2, 2020
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One of the coolest kids who is a spastic.
Jordan: Yo beef boi
Dave: stfu, ily, sebastic
by sebbLz January 20, 2010
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