76 definitions by Angriest Mouse of Schnaasberg

Those members of an elite, or any high-class social group, practicing secretive meetings and parties.
A place where paranoid and oversensitive people go to feel safe from imaginary problems.
The newest paranoid space is opened to the public.
A usually attractive female who lures men and has bad intentions to do them harm.
What out for her she's a decoy.
Alternate socialism or altsoc, a political ideology that encompasses state authoritarianism, more regulations, big government, mass surveillance, censorship, and other oppressive policies.
The ideology of altsocialism is the purest form of socialism that curtails the personal freedoms of individuals.
A highly prudish person. Someone who takes everything as an offense and complains rather than doing anything about it.
This appropie is getting on my last nerve and want him out of my house.
by Angriest Mouse of Schnaasberg October 30, 2021