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A group of radicalized Democrats, leftists and Liberals who goes from state to state to cause trouble with local communities and also violent riots throughout the United States. Border Ruffians were originally pro-slavery activists from the slave state of Missouri, who in 1854 to 1860 crossed the state border into Kansas Territory to force the acceptance of slavery there.
Border Ruffians are a riotous bunch of idiots!
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Some arrogant fool wanting a free ride.
He didn't even pay me in fact he is an SAFWFR!
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The use of sensational subject matter, style or methods, or the sensational subject matter itself such as racist incidents or behavior, published materials, or broadcasts that are intentionally controversial, exaggerated, lurid, loud, or attention-grabbing.
Today's news is just racial sensationalism!
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A female friend with enormous boobs and a great sense of humor she lets you dance with her and cuddle with her on the couch without sexual interaction. The boob buddy wears tight clothes in tight jeans that attracts men but rathers be their friend than being a girlfriend.
Man I love my boob buddy!
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