Highly stimulated on amphetamine type drugs, such as speed, e's or coke. As in flying. A scottish term.
They e's are pure teckle man, I'm fleeing already.
by thefee October 14, 2006
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A slang term used in northern england, meaning cold or freezing.
1. Brrr, it's fleeing out here!
2. Brrr, i'm fleeing!
by dolly1234 November 16, 2010
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1. to be fresh originated in New York used by puertoricans or other ghetto people
2. to get fresh
3. to have the best clothes and sneakers looking crispy
1. Ay me and my dude jean getz flee mane
2. You seen that dude he was lookin mad flee
by baddiest bitch sammy February 11, 2008
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I swear im so flee.
by kysmokey December 24, 2010
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Failure to popular belief, is the correct word/terminology for 'Fleek'; which is slang for "Fly", "Dope Dressed", "Iconic Looking", or "Freshly Dressed" which has been greatly abused and over shadowing to the original. 'Fleek', in Chicago (West-side) Ebonics means, dirty ass insect w/ wings.. While the original word, "Flee" is the actual meaning of Fly, Fresh, Dope, Fine, Dressed like a millions bucks.
Did you see that new Zara Jacket with the fur? I would throw that on with some leather Aldos boots and be too "Flee"...
by T!ggaman Ty March 29, 2015
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Word that really means 'run away' but used to mean 'come'.
by Smarty P May 16, 2006
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