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The cycle (usually once or twice a day) of checking all social networking sites that you are registered to usually to reply, respond, and be up-to-date of things.
John went on a social networking sites cycle, checking his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace only to find out that he had no new messages.
by Chris's_Zen May 5, 2013
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An address you'll remember after having to watch Finding Nemo.
Guy 1: "Do you know where I can find a clownfish?"

Guy 2: "Did you check P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney?"

Guy 1: "What the......is that place even real?"

Guy 2: "Didn't you watch Finding Nemo, of course it's real!"
by Chris's_Zen May 5, 2013
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One who obsessively texts and always love getting texted back.
"Christian is such a textaholic! He wouldn't put down his phone!"
by Chris's_Zen May 4, 2013
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A post (or a picture) that shows a relatable problem, experience, or encounter that are generally shared through Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.
*Kelly, being bored or homework over the break, scrolls through Tumblr and finds a post that reads 'When teachers assign homework over break'*
Kelly: What a relatable post!
by Chris's_Zen May 4, 2013
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Used before a descriptive past experience that targets typical teenagers and are sometimes relatable to. Inserting an adjective before "moment" specifies what type of moment it is.
1.) that moment when you can't feel your cell phone in your pocket.
2.) that awkward moment when your best friend gets yelled at and you're just standing there...
3.) that awesome moment when you get moved right next to your best friend in consequence of violating the classroom's rules.
by Chris's_Zen May 5, 2013
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To work one's upper breasts in a calm, seductive manner with intent to cause sexual arousal.
"Hey girl, can you boob twerk for me?" ;)
by Chris's_Zen May 20, 2013
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To engage in a friendly fist fight where the hits are take below the head and above the waist. Usually lasts a short time.
"Hey Juan, wanna go bodyshots?"

"Isaiah went bodyshotting with Chris last night, nothing more then bruises on them."
by Chris's_Zen May 26, 2013
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