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Don't mess or interfere with their current emotional atmosphere and feelings. Popularized by a famous song by Kendrick Lamar.
*girl 1 is partying and drinking a day before a college test*
Girl 2: "Hey, we should get some sleep before the test, I know this is a good moment and all..."
Girl 1: "Bitch, don't kill my vibe!"
by Chris's_Zen May 15, 2013

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An address you'll remember after having to watch Finding Nemo.
Guy 1: "Do you know where I can find a clownfish?"

Guy 2: "Did you check P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney?"

Guy 1: "What the......is that place even real?"

Guy 2: "Didn't you watch Finding Nemo, of course it's real!"
by Chris's_Zen May 04, 2013

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Used to emphasize the exaggeration of a noun to a positive extent. Other variations include: "one heck of a", "heck of a", or "hell of a".
"That Lamborghini is one hell of car!"

"This is one heck of a job to clean up."

"You're one hell of a kid!"
by Chris's_Zen May 05, 2013

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When you avoid a troll's trollish act (or taking it deep) and countering it by successfully trolling him/her back. This action is hard to pull off.
Student: *sitting in classroom with a female teacher and other students*

*The female teacher starts reminiscing about her past*
Teacher: "Back in my day my friends used to call me shortstuff cuz I'm short."

Student's troll comment: "I wonder how long ago that was?"

*Whole classroom laughs*

Teacher's countertroll comment: "I don't know, why don't you ask your father?"

Classroom: You just got countertrolled!
by Chris's_Zen May 05, 2013

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A challenge where you and some friends pour salt to a body part (supposedly the back of your hand) and then adding ice to that area and seeing who can last the longest. Adding ice to the salt on a body part causes a frostbite experience and is really dangerous and stupid to do.
Dude, Brandon and I took the salt and ice challenge yesterday, and Brandon ended up burning himself but won it.
by Chris's_Zen May 04, 2013

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Used before a descriptive past experience that targets typical teenagers and are sometimes relatable to. Inserting an adjective before "moment" specifies what type of moment it is.
1.) that moment when you can't feel your cell phone in your pocket.
2.) that awkward moment when your best friend gets yelled at and you're just standing there...
3.) that awesome moment when you get moved right next to your best friend in consequence of violating the classroom's rules.
by Chris's_Zen May 04, 2013

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A post (or a picture) that shows a relatable problem, experience, or encounter that are generally shared through Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.
*Kelly, being bored or homework over the break, scrolls through Tumblr and finds a post that reads 'When teachers assign homework over break'*
Kelly: What a relatable post!
by Chris's_Zen May 04, 2013

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