What many Santas have to say after checking the credit card bill after Christmas.
Oh oh oh, I thought the ph ph ph bill was high but no no no until I saw this after Christmasn
by Hercolena Oliver December 29, 2009
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Used when having an orgasim or when your pretending to have an orgasim
"OH OH OH OH!" -when having sex or when messin about with mates
by Lube-Lu The Demon Child March 30, 2006
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Used to declare when someone says something false in argument; a rebuttal would be said afterward.
"I beat everyone in Madden" "Oh-oh-oh, how you gonna say that, my little brother beat you yesterday"
by socitytable September 26, 2003
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Is the sound of a man penistating a woman.

In other words a moan.

Or a kid that doesn't understand a question till after saying a series of "oh"s.
Boy: Yeah,, im going so deep..
Girl: oh oh oh yeah ....yeah baby.. deeper...
by ThxBitchXnFifthStrxxt October 22, 2020
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"Oh oh oh I juiced" is slang for "oh oh oh I cummed" it is usually used my Australians and Koreans. Many Mexicans use a slightly different term, "oh oh oh my burrito"

Most the "oh oh oh I juiced" moments in porn is really just piss....piss
*rapid thrusting*
*high pitch moaning*
*woman cums*
"Oh oh oh I juiced"
by PenisWrangler January 29, 2016
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Following a visit from the f*@k up fairy, usually caused by employing numpties or calfhead, those responsible for inspection and quality may discover that something is not quite how it should be. Upon discovery it is the decent thing to exclaim oh oh spaghetti ohs to alert your colleagues to the fact there is a problem. This is not to help solve the problem but to help point who is the biggest numpty. If these oh oh spaghetti ohs are not spotted the product will be sent out not completely ready.
"oh oh spaghetti oh!, youv'e c@*ked it up!"
by Ben September 19, 2003
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