Male breats(man-boobs) are called Bitch titts
Bob has bitch titts
damn that chubber gotta get himself fitted for a bra
by disturbed April 5, 2004
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massive man breasts which may require the use of a bra.
A:"Yo...who's that fat shit over there..with the huge bitch tits?"
B:"Man..thats TJ bro"
by Barry B July 2, 2004
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when a steroid users nipples become sensitive and supple like a woman's
yo bitch tits'
by assylum January 6, 2009
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The nasty boobs you grow from eating too much fatttening foods. When you suffer from obesity you get moobs aka bitch tits. I kinda look like a woman from growing a set of bitch tits. Ladies tend to laugh at me for it and i have a hard time taking off my shirt.
i hate having bitch tits.
by Salvatore Harry Vitale IV. October 30, 2008
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A word used to make fun of one of your friends, by belittling them. A bitch that usually has tits regardless of gender. Can be used in any opening statement such as a greeting, or as a method of retaliation to anyone that has made a harsh comment to thee. It is a widely used word in the North West side of Chicago.
What's up bitch tits?

Walker: You better cup this bag you vagina fingers.
Rodgers: Fuck you bitch tits, you're throwing off my game!
by Walkstar May 21, 2007
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another word for manboobs. Manboobs are when a man has saggy titties and looks as if he has never entered the gym. His body probably looks 50 years older than his real age.

man i need to go to the gym and get rid of ma bitch tits!! pronto!!
by scott jimmy weir June 14, 2007
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