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A virus that imitates real security software and "scans" your computer, giving bogus viruses in an attempt to scare you into giving them your credit card number.
Antivirus plus? What's that? Oh no! 32 threats found? Malicious software detected? Here's my credit card number! Charge me any amount you'd like!
by Skelwor January 25, 2010
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Person 1: So how's Norwalk?
Person 2: Kind of small, but not as slow as most think.
by Skelwor February 1, 2009
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When someone's feelings are hurt, often results in great things being removed.
Offense is the main cause of comedy removal.
by Skelwor August 11, 2009
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The "sophisticated" term for boobs or tits. Takes out the attractiveness out of them!
"He tried to touch my breasts..."
"Ugh, just say boobs or something!"
by Skelwor May 13, 2009
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The result when you attempt to search "bed and breakfast" on Urban Dictionary and misspell it.
Oops! Instead of typing "bed and breakfast" I typed "bed and breakfats" and got to this page, giving a perfect example!
by Skelwor June 4, 2009
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It's what's for dinner.
Beef: it's what's for dinner.
by Skelwor August 22, 2009
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