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A song about an ice mountain paradise by the band Rush.
"I listened to Xanadu the other day."
"Oh hey, I love that song!"
by Skelwor May 12, 2009
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A word you looked up because you saw it in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon of the two playing Scrabble.
by Skelwor May 28, 2009
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An annoying internet emoticon people use instead of stating how much of a dumbass they think you are, often stating how much of a hypocrite they are. Also used as <_<
"who cares >_>"
"whats a hippocrite >_>"
by Skelwor June 4, 2009
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The "sophisticated" term for boobs or tits. Takes out the attractiveness out of them!
"He tried to touch my breasts..."
"Ugh, just say boobs or something!"
by Skelwor May 13, 2009
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A virus that imitates real security software and "scans" your computer, giving bogus viruses in an attempt to scare you into giving them your credit card number.
Antivirus plus? What's that? Oh no! 32 threats found? Malicious software detected? Here's my credit card number! Charge me any amount you'd like!
by Skelwor January 25, 2010
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Known as "the Oxi-Clean guy", but now does other ads. Often kicked out of libraries.
Billy Mays: OXI-CLEAN!!!!!
Librarian: Get out of here! This is a library, not an auditorium!
by Skelwor May 13, 2009
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Just sand, but you can get trapped and suffocate in it.
"Oh no! Help! I'm trapped in quicksand! I'm about to drown!"
"Actually, quicksand is just sand, but it's just a bit runnier."
"Oh hey, I didn't know that. That's pretty cool. Gurgle"
by Skelwor September 7, 2009
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