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The result of drinking vast amounts of Labatt Blue
I got bombed off Labatt Blue; a couple cigarettes and a little while later, it became Labatt Yellow and spewed forth from my piehole.
by C-Mills June 24, 2007
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Comedy Central's replacement for "Chappelle's Show" after its unexpected ending.

Carlos Mencia constantly makes fun of the same things on his show: "beaners", "wetbacks", other minorities, white people, and lazy people.

He relies on "shock value" to be funny, but that wears off after a few episodes, when you realize it's the same shit over and over again, the topic is getting tired, and that Mencia has no talent.

Dave Chappelle, like Mencia, was a one-trick pony (on his show and in his stand-up), but he could pull it off because he told it like it was and had wit, charisma, and a good delivery. Mencia, on the other hand, is a phony with no comedic talent; therefore, he sucks.
Mind of Mencia: Once you've seen one episode, you've seen 'em all.
by C-Mills January 17, 2008
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Synonym for "Scientology", as Scientology is based on lies.
Tom Cruise is a member of the Church of Lientology
by C-Mills April 08, 2007
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The phrase you use before you knowingly, intentionally, and viciously offend someone.
No offense, Nick, but we've always hated your guts and we're just using you for your big-screen...and your sister, who by the way is a raging slut. Especially after a couple shots of Cuervo.
by C-Mills November 29, 2010
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Spoonerism of "no shit sherlock." Same idea, but used to denote an even higher level of sarcasm.
Dad: "All this Loose Change stuff is based on bullshit"
Me: "No sure, shitlock"
by C-Mills June 08, 2010
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One of two seasons in Pennsylvania, the other being winter. Construction takes place between the end of February and the end of November; in spite of the massive inconvenience this usually causes, most of the state's major roads still look like shit.
"Plenty of construction taking place between exits 22 and 56 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike today; if you live north of Allentown and need to get to Philly, you might as well walk 'cause you'll probably get there faster"

A: "How was your drive back from Pittsburgh?"

B: "Well, it took me 7 hours just to get to State College because of the all the goddamn construction, and then I blew out my tire on I-81 thanks to a pothole the size of Lindsay Lohan's beef curtains. You tell me."
by C-Mills October 20, 2012
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Observational comedian who makes the most mundane (no pun intended) aspects of life hilarious. He talks about stuff we can all relate to, so he doesn't have to offend anyone to be funny (except maybe for prude assholes who don't like the F-word).

Unfortunately, a lot of Dane's fans are idiots who probably have never listened to other excellent comedians like Lewis Black or Ben Bailey...but that doesn't take away from his greatness.

"Fucken door! I don't like to be in a perfect square when I shit!"

Dane Cook is a Red Sox fan...Hey, nobody's perfect...

by C-Mills January 17, 2008
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