When you are interested in a person at a party, you are on the verge of making a move, and just as you are about to you find someone else already making out with them, etc.

Also used in the present tense as "intercepted"

Person 1: I went to make a move on that girl, but she was tongue deep in another dude's mouth.

by esj5004 September 03, 2007
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the art of excitedly returning to your email inbox after receiving a notification about someone 'commenting' on anything you are involved with on facebook. Intercepting is only necessary if the comment is not there, which means the publisher deleted the comment. Intercepting is usually done after 11pm.
We did a lot of intercepting at Amrit's house last night!
by pujneet November 01, 2010
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When you steal someone elses girl or girlfriend (commonly used among Football Jocks)
jock 1: Matt intercepted carly right from Dylan !!

jock2: That kid gets interceptions on and off the field

jock1: yea I feel kinda bad for Dylan though
by Jock 059 January 07, 2010
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When a man is about to ejaculate on a woman's face, and she catches the jizz and throws it back in his face.
Don't tell anyone bro, but after I came on her face, she went for the interception. Who does that?!
by ChodeMcgee April 04, 2010
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When you try to ejaculate in a girls mouth, miss, and get it to land in another girls mouth.
I was getting it on in the air plane when some girl got an interception with my cum shot
by Fishdick Jesus January 15, 2014
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