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What you take if you're the President and a moron.
Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine to try and prevent the rona. When he strokes out he'll be in the running for a Darwin Award!
by alcifer May 19, 2020
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v. To molest little girls while in a position of authority, especially while making bullshit claims about how your aberrant and horrible behavior is justified by the Bible, or it's fake news, etc. Also see kiddie fiddler.
I beat the shit out of Mark the soccer coach after he Roy Moored my daughter.
by alcifer November 14, 2017
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The solution to any problem, according to the NRA.
If your brother was killed by a gun, maybe the gun nuts in this country would stop thinking that more guns will solve everyone's problems. Or maybe not, since they are stupid enough to vote for morons like Donald Trump.
by alcifer February 27, 2016
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1) Cal Poly is where you go if you want to do something meaningful with the time you spend in college. Of course, going here will virtually guarantee you a prolonged stay, especially if you are in engineering, architecture, or one of the computer majors (in which case you're lucky if you finish in 5-6 years).

2) A source of high stress, difficult and endless work, and perpetual insomnia that will drain you of your time and energy to the point where you miss lectures in order to complete labs on time. If you are in a computer major, be prepared to spend many Friday nights debugging programs to get it ready by the midnight deadline. One of two things is certain: a) you will be tired A LOT, or b) you will be addicted to Adderall.

3) The reason I only get to sleep on days that begin with 'S'. Meanwhile, most other majors drink on every day that ends with 'Y'. Got any Staley classes? Expect this to happen to you!
Cal Poly is living proof of this old saying: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
by alcifer November 16, 2009
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Any person who pulls into the left lane cutting you off and then going 15 under the speed limit.
You assbrain you almost hit me.
by alcifer May 18, 2023
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Shady, insider, and/or illegal dealing by the DNC and its cohorts/cronies.
Tulsi Gabbard isn't in the debate because of a bunch of democrap.
The Democrats will lose to Trump again if democrap causes Joe Biden to be the nominee.
Bernie Sanders takes less democrap than the other contenders and therefore you should vote for him.
by alcifer December 10, 2019
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Hexadecimal for 420. This number can often be useful as a testing value when writing simple or not-so-simple programs on a computer, but more often indicates that it's time to pack a bong full of kush and burn it first to see if genuine value can be derived from such an effort.
This hydroponic management program just threw another Exception 0x1A4 when I tried to simulate growing with a second lighting system, this is hella bunk!
by alcifer October 4, 2010
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