ode = alot .. people in NYC mainly use it !
by yurrrrrrr August 8, 2018
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(O-Dee) a lot, very much
I ode like her. She's beautiful.
by christycreme April 18, 2017
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Nigerian term, someone who is slow to process information, or someone who is just plain dum.
Moyosore is an ode.
What is wrong with peter, lamide told me he is an ode.
by Babajide November 20, 2008
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2 ode /ðdë/ noun
Czech from Latin oda, ode from Greek öidë Attic form of aoidë song, singing, from aeidein sing. Orig., lyrics intended or adapted to be sung, but actually wailed into a microphone using varied or irregular tone and meter.
Q. Who wants to come and watch Randy do an ode?
A. Go Randy, it's your birthday...
by The Treasurer May 4, 2005
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1 ode /ðdë/ noun
Austrian from Latin Oedipus from Greek Oidipous. A small Austrian schoolboy.
Q. Who wants to come and watch Jerry do an ode?
A. Leave us alone, you sick pervert.
by The Treasurer May 4, 2005
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A slavic (mostly Yugoslav) way to say "and there it goes".
Ode can also be used for things that are gone, or going away.
A: Hey, where are my headphones?
B:Ode headphones, vanished.
by Ikistar565 September 26, 2020
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I thought it was a real sweet story about two lovers whose identities become fluid when they are in a creative process.
"didnt you like my ode to artistic love?"
"no, you gay"
by Krkič June 23, 2019
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