Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian racial slur. It comes from the fact that these countries were part of the former Yugoslavia. It can be offensive because of the bad Yugoslav wars.
Stop bragging about being Serbian you Yugoslav nigger!!!
by Rx-z November 15, 2018
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Boris Yugoslav is a communist,dank meme,slav hero from Croatia that wants to lick Stalin
Boris Yugoslav likes to pray to Stalin!
by Boris Yugoslav July 10, 2019
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Yugoslavic Cartesian Bitmapping is a computer science term for a branch of mathematics that does not exist yet. When new hires ask what types of math they should look up, a common joke would be to say "Yugoslavic Cartesian Bitmapping."
bro I just had sex with your girl.
Dude no brove it prosef
I can show you show with yugoslavic cartesian bitmapping
by blove208 July 24, 2018
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Ey look at Eldin, he’s such a Yugoslav”
by kosova July 6, 2022
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