Giving someone the finger. The four o's represent a finger and one of them is raised.

The same as _-__
Jerk: Hi Jack!
Jack: oOoo
Jerk: What?
Jack: _-__
by Jens Peter January 11, 2004
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An oooo means ok or 💜 to revive an oooo from a friend or boyfriend\girl friend is very important and nice. Hopefully you will receive an oooo from your boyfriend\girlfriend
That’s my girlfriend *types hi oooo*
by #ninathinksbobbyisayomato November 9, 2018
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oooo is just like a symbol of Audi car. If you send 'oooo' car text to someone. He or she will automatically understand that you are talking about Audi car. it will use as a short cut letter. it is also a time saver world because your time is very precious and you will save that for using this world oooo.
john:- oooo is launching a new car .
me:- I thank you for telling me I just forget.
by i am in you November 20, 2019
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gabby: tyler, the creator is coming out with a new album on may 17th
frank: oooo spaghetti
by wang$ap May 14, 2019
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when a person publicly points out another peson's misfourtunes for the public to laugh at. Another advancement made by The Great Tobar
Example 1

Roy: Andrew you are a twat!

Andrew: You don't even know what twat is!

Roy: Uh....

Andrew: Oooo, Sorry Son!

Example 2

Kid trips in front of the class

Tobar: Oooo, Sorry Son

Example 3

Mrs. Courtney: Excuse me Dan, go procreate yourself and suck eggs

Tobar: Oooo, Sorry Son
by el equis June 5, 2009
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The spanish equavelent of the term Oooo, Sorry Son usually used in Mexico and the Latin Americas the definition of the word is the same you use it to point out the misfortunes of other people
Jose: Ay, guey crero que agarre lo que se llama "The Clap"

Andres: Oooo, Perdon Hijo! pero eso no es permantente!
by El Equis June 8, 2009
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Playfully flamboyant expression of approval and/or excitement given in response to pleasing news. Particularly applicable when conversing with a gay friend (the kind that has a sense of humor, at least). The fruit in question must be strawberries. No substitutions are acceptable.
Chad: "Soooo...guess who got their tax return earlier than expected? Looks like I'll be going on the cruise with the whole gang after all!"

Tom: "oOoo, yUmmy strrrawberries!"

Chad: "I knooow, right?? hahahahahaaa!"
by Robb-a-dob February 15, 2008
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