Dude in Spanish. Correct spelling is actually "buey" but sounds like "guey" or "way" so it's just changed a bit. Literally means "ox", and is a negative term like "fool" or "ni**a" but it's used as a term of endearment more like "dude".
"Orale, guey, traete las pinches cheves para ponernos bien pedos, cabron!" = "Right on dude, bring the fscking beers so we can get fscked up fool!"
by ::analogue:: March 26, 2004
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Please look at the prehistoric definition of the word guey. Its origin comes from the Nahuatl language "Uey", which means great. And this word is used when we refer to a friend, which there is also another word used by the aztecs "coalt", deformed by cuate which means friend in Mexico.
QUe onda guey, donde estan los cuates, esos gueyes siempre se tardan....
by fanny blauer July 16, 2008
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The Mexican slang address “Güey” or "guey" always, with a smirk, means “cuckold,” which is the only word in English that labels the man whose woman cheats on him. In Mexican Spanish, a man’s unfaithful wife or girlfriend causes horns to grow upon his head, which only he cannot see. There the word connects with “Buey” or oxen, and serves as the root for the popular song “El Venado” about a man who grows horns. The word comes loaded with sexuality, always disparages, and always signifies low class aliterate personalities, and should always insult (as does the use of “Bitch” or “Niggar” in English) as a label. In Mexican Spanish, in direct opposition to the Mexican “Chingón” which signifies a heroic fornicator, or a type A personality, the overuse of the label “Guey” among the lower classes seeks to replicate the good-old-boys comraderie of the Mal Hablados, or potty mouths, of the ruling class.
Oye, Güey, dime que no supieste nada, pero nada, de que este guey utiliza tu mujer como todo la vecindad, guey.
by Mark Plimsoll August 13, 2006
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texican slang for "dude" or also texican slang for a chubby friend who misses alot of work.
(in a high pitched voice) "nombre guey, can u bring me my check? im not going to work today. Chingado vato."
by fpendejo March 25, 2011
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Guey means castrated bull. When someone calls you GUEY, he/she is calling you ball-less. That is why you do not referred to a female as guey. It does not mean DUDE. Although a lot of Mexicans now use the word as an everyday word people perceive as it being a slang for dude.
No seas guey,

No mames guey.
Pinche Guey
Ese Pinche Guey me la quito. "That ball-less dick took her away from me".
by FabulosoYo October 24, 2009
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A Spanish slang phrase commonly used by Mexicans. Geuy means a jerk (other translations for guey are dude, bro, punk, and more), but young Mexican people use it to adress their friends in a teasing manner. The whole phrase "no mames guey" translates as "You must be kidding, man!" but most people use it refering to its other definitions, such as "Don't fuck with me!" or "Don't give me shit!"
1. Non agressive example ("you must be kidding"):

"Yea, so I just bought a new TV which is flatscreen and HD!"

"No mames guey! Thats awsome."

2. Agessive example ("don't fuck with me"):

"Hey, will you ask your mom how much I owe her for last night?"

"No mames guey!"
by maxicanjew June 28, 2009
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Mexican slang. Usually used as in insult as in you Fucking idiot or fucking asswhole
Meda tu pinche guey!
You fucking idiot!

That wasn't funny you pinche guey.
by LinkTRI4CE June 10, 2008
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