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A mexican soccer team located in Mexico City and is the third most popular team in the country behind Chivas and America and is in fourth place in Championships behind Chivas, America and Toluca
"I don't go for Chivas or America, I perfer Cruz Azul."
by El Equis May 13, 2009
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when someone shows a good example on how to act publicly most people like to honor that kind of person with loads of respect and I mean butt loads
Elsasser: Tobar, what do you think

Tobar: Uh, I think you gotta be fair

Elsasser: See class why can't you be a functioning member of society like Tobar
by El Equis June 4, 2009
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when a person publicly points out another peson's misfourtunes for the public to laugh at. Another advancement made by The Great Tobar
Example 1

Roy: Andrew you are a twat!

Andrew: You don't even know what twat is!

Roy: Uh....

Andrew: Oooo, Sorry Son!

Example 2

Kid trips in front of the class

Tobar: Oooo, Sorry Son

Example 3

Mrs. Courtney: Excuse me Dan, go procreate yourself and suck eggs

Tobar: Oooo, Sorry Son
by El Equis June 5, 2009
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The lost belief that found in the dead sea scrolls of a lost religion that involves the story of God in his college days and includes for the first time the Introduction of the Great Tobar. Most christians deny this religion as under Christianity because it claims that Tobar inspired God to creat the earth and all its imhabitants and it also says the the drink vodka is in fact God's Tears. Most religions like Mormanism, Baptistism, Lutheranism, and Catholiscism and mulitipal other Christian religions do not accept Tobarism
Morman: Would you like to hear the story of Jesus Christ

Andrew: Na man i got my religion

Morman: And just what is that

Andrew: Tobarism

Morman: T-T-Tobar! ahhhhhhh (morman runs away)
by El Equis June 10, 2009
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Usually a person who will do and say practiclly anything and has to be pointed out publicly to warn all others around that kind of person.
Andrew: Jimmy!, you're a maniac

Tobar: Haro, you're a maniac! who let you out of the asylum!?
by El Equis June 5, 2009
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A person who makes his own rules and lives in his own world. When you see this kind of person it is maditory to point that man or woman to the public so they know what they are dealing with.
Andrew: Tobar remember when you gave me the vodka that one monday

Tobar: Ya man you were saying that you were ok but you were not

Andrew: Only you would do that kinda shit! You a PSYCHOPATH!
by El Equis June 6, 2009
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A name commonly used in the old and new testement. One whos orgin is unknown and spends his time living on earth but is not human. Not much is said about Tobar but is know to be fully described in the Dead Sea Scrolls
by El Equis May 14, 2009
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