A morman church in san diego, where kids everywhere Go and do numerous things: Smoke, Fuck, Skate... etc. It is located near the Allied Gardens rec center, where kids also fuck, smoke and so on.
I am going to The four after school.
by Kayla Magana November 11, 2006
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a .44 caliber magnum pistol
shits is gonna get murderous, nigga betta bring the four-four
by rocky June 16, 2006
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Generally refers to 1984 model spoke wheels wrapped with Vogue brand tires.
"Tippin' on fo'-fo's (four fours)" from Mike Jones' Still Tippin' (Featuring Slim Thug & Paul Wall)
by elphKOTM March 8, 2005
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A race, where multiple teams of four people compete to see which team can finish the following things in the least amount of time: a 30 of beer, a fifth of liquor, an eighth of weed, and an extra-large cheese pizza.
Guy: Yo, Adam booted before he finished the four by four last night.
Other guy: Yea, I know. What a pussy.
by dphi May 18, 2010
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Officer: "How's that job I asked you to take care of?"

Proud Enlisted Man: "It's four by four, Sir. Ready to Rock and roll."
by Mosin Nagant March 4, 2014
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"Who da fuck wanna war? I got a four four."
- 50 Cent
by Kurtis Kennedy January 20, 2004
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A woman (or girl) without any curves a.k.a. tits and ass
that chic is a four-by-four
by Cybelle November 28, 2006
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