n. (pronounced: ee-ho)

1) Son
2) A n00b
3) A loveable and well-meaning no0b
See n00b entries 3 & 4
"STFD, Hijo"
"Hijo, you are such a n00b!"

NOTE: Can be used with a number of connotations but is most commonly used in a manner of jesting. Considered a brainless or weak insult when used alone as a supposed malicious insult. Often mispronounced.
by Tigress June 18, 2006
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a term used to identify a son, person of the male gender.

something someone says when they think they know spanish.

"no tango me hijo?"-kelly
by KMarieMill January 30, 2009
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hijo de puta kind of translates as "son of a bitch" in english but literally it means son of a whore. puta is short for spanish "prostituta" which means prostitute.
by inkakola December 08, 2003
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Hijo del 7

Meaning :son of 7

This means it took your dad 7 try’s to make your mother pregnant
Ora hijo del 7

Cállate hijo del 7 chingados
by Cocho de FL September 01, 2019
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Gringo: "Honey, I love Taco Bell, it brings out the latin lover in me. Watch this: Hey, Yo Quiero Taco Bell!
Gringa: "Oh, that's mucho sexy"
Cashier: (mumbling) "Hijo de Puta!"
by dominikandemon May 19, 2003
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se refiere a toda aquella persona que sin querer o queriendo le revienta la madre a cualquiera... vease : hijo de la gran puta ; Jooo e ´puta ;
Literal : toda quella persona que proviene de el utero de una puta prostituta o meretriz etc etc
en el trafico : Hijo de puuuuta !! ( el que se pasa una luz roja, etc )
Chavez es el hijo de puta mas grande que haya existido
by el carajo mas de pinga August 15, 2004
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The spanish equavelent of the term Oooo, Sorry Son usually used in Mexico and the Latin Americas the definition of the word is the same you use it to point out the misfortunes of other people
Jose: Ay, guey crero que agarre lo que se llama "The Clap"

Andres: Oooo, Perdon Hijo! pero eso no es permantente!
by El Equis June 08, 2009
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