when a male inserts his penis into a womans anal crevice, then pulls out for a second while his friend that was hiding goes back in. quickly the man sneaks away then waves at the woman from outside (through a window). easily one of the hardest to master, but well worth it tricks in the book.
Lafwiquaonda: (damn lafonda tyrone, Kenny pulled the guess who on me and i shat all over his friends dick!"
by Gilby GG June 5, 2006
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1. A way of describing a man or woman only using characters from the Hasbro Game Guess Who? e.g. Bill's lip, Claire's hat, Tom's glasses, Anita's complextion

2. A line of questioning about someone's appearance without any inhibitions of offending. e.g. Does he have a big nose? Does she have tiny lips?
1. I just finished guess whoing you to your blind date so they have a better idea who to look for.

2. I don't know if this blind date is a good idea because he is guess whoing about all your physical features and doesn't care what I have to say about your personality.
by aarooski March 11, 2009
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Online free 'Guess Who' is a manipulitive plot to dictract while invaders from another planet stalk the shit outta u trash.
Freaky music and that fucktarded monicle guy, AND U TELL ME that THIS game is not for nutbags to figure us out.
Think about this before you let your little sibling play this telepathetic game EVER again.
Boy one: I was playing guess who when I started feeling this tingling sensation in my toes and thats, Jaimy, the day I lost my virginity.
Boy 1:so really, that guy... or girl... or alien crap stuff... was real HAWT
Boy 2:my name MERDOK
by Monicle Guy August 8, 2009
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A game played with the traditional board game "guess who" but with slightly different rules. The only difference is that all questions must be subjective in nature. There should be no way to be 100% sure if you are elimating the correct people or not. No one ever really wins, but it is really fun.
Sample questions:
"Is, or has your person ever been, a librarian?"
"Is your person racist?"
"Is your person a member of a wine-of-the-month club?"
"Does your person own multiple cats?"

Examples of questions not allowed in subjective guess who:
"Does your person have a mustache?"
"Does your person have long hair?"
by adamfromurbana July 1, 2006
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When you get a friend request from some random person on Facebook and there are multiple people in the profile picture, causing you to play Guess Who. Sometimes the actual requester is surrounded by beautiful people in their picture, causing you to become interested and add them as a friend.
overlooking friend who is checking friend requests on facebook*

Me: "Who the heck is that?"

Friend: "IDK man, theres two hot chicks and a butterface, im playing Guess Who? right now"
by Lil Mikey E January 11, 2011
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Eminem's common interlude to a hit, or a rapper's greeting
"Guess whos back, back again, shady's back, tell a friend."Eminem (without me)
by Ollie March 5, 2005
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Guess whos banned! Guess whos banned on all of thei accounts! Its me! This is truly an honour. Im honoured to be banned on all of my accounts by the worst mods on earth.
by IcEDCave November 15, 2021
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