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The kind of guy most girls ACTUALLY want when they say they want a Nice Guy.

Jerks are selfish, manipulative bastards who see women as little more then sexual conquests to brag about to their buddies or mere objects that are there for their personal pleasure. As to ensure the post-sex breakup will be in their favor, Jerks often play the "sensative guy" early on so the girl will make most of the moves on HIM, and after he's done with her and dumps her for some other girl just like her, he can make it look like she's at fault for coming on too strong, and consequently she'll take him back if he chooses to return for seconds.

Typically are/were Frat Boys, Jocks, and Preps in school.
"Yeah, Billy's a real Jerk the way he used Tricia like that. Can't believe she bought his crap though."
by ShadowD May 16, 2005
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Noun. An idiot or stupid person. An insensitive, selfish, ignorant, cocky person who is inconsiderate and does stupid things.
"You're such a JERK for leaving me at the mall with no ride home!"
by x8drea8x July 13, 2005
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A person that breaks off the relationship twice, and still expects you to come back to their selfish ass.
Allie's exboyfriend was a real jerk.
by Hackley February 21, 2006
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1. Final stage of evolution of any male who spent at least one year dating in America, no matter his origin
2. Mandatory mindset for self-survival within corporate America
3. At this point of no return, group synonym for an elusive + cocky + self-confident + self-centered + loud + crazy male
4. A guy that doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck about anything else but his handsome allure and annoying success.
5. THE abusive attitude that will surely attract any girl’s love in America. For life
6. A guy that enhances any girl’s low self-esteem and insecurity without meaning it. Then gets blamed for it.
7. A guy that does not return any “I love you” s but keeps smiling at his girl’s face until she melts down and asks for more of that shit :)
8. Every bitches’ openly discussed concern. Yet every bitches’ secret love.
9. A challenge aka any girl’s biggest turn-on.
10. A bitch with a dick.
“Oh my God, Tyler is such a jerk to me {tears} He treats me like shit {collapses} I love him though {go figure}”

“Tyler earned twice my bonus this year and makes me realize what a sorry loser I am. He is such a jerk”
by rafaleracer February 28, 2006
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A complete man whore who tries to steal other guy's girls by pretending to be a "nice guy" to them and feeding them lies. He tells them how much he likes them, gives them compliments and says he'll wait for them and something happens between them and their boyfriend. This guy tricks the girl into liking him, then when the girl begins to question which guy she truly has feelings for, the jerk stops talking to her and makes fun of her to his friends because the girl actually fell for it.
Kyle texted Beth everyday and told her how much he wanted to date her while Beth still had a boyfriend. Then, when Beth began to think she actually liked Kyle, he made it obvious that it was just a cruel joke. What a jerk!
by lalah January 06, 2009
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A jerk is a guy who will treat a girl extremely well, until he has her right where he wants her then he drops her like a hot potatoe. and feels nothing. but since the guy is such a jerk, he comes back for more and the girl (being to sweet) takes him back and eventually gets dropped again. Also the jerk normally has very good looks, so it makes it so easy for him to hurt girls. because lets face it all women like a good looking man who will treat them like crap and then come back for more. every girls dream right?
(jerkk):Hey babe lets hang friday?
(Girl): Oh okayy:):)

(jerkk): hey babe uhh can we move our date to thursday?
(girl): yeahh sweetie:) why?
(Jerkk): Grandmorthers birthday:)
(girl) awww how sweet okay:)
(girl): hey you still up for tomorrow?
(jerkk): maybe..
(girl): what??
(jerkk) idk, i think im busy.
(girl)ohh....okay well whatever..
Three days later.
(jerkk) im sorry babe
(girl) ohhhhh its okay. And BTW i didnt know your grandmother was only 18!??? yeahhh "babe" found out about your little lie..grandmother? more like kegg party with all your friends. Nice. DONT EVER TRY WITH ME AGAIN!
by Honey:) June 18, 2010
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