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An extremely painful event, akin to having your testicles overrun by a steamroller.
1. Senate confirmation hearings are a real nut-roll for the nominees.
2. That final exam was a nut-roll!
by KV Peifer October 20, 2005
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Something poorly executed or designed.
We went to the show, but it was just a nutroll - nobody knew where to go, what was going on, or who was running it.
by Wile E Coyote May 18, 2004
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The process of having one's testicles (nuts) roll under your choda into your ass-crack whilst sitting down
When Justin was sitting he shifted foward to reach for his drink and got some serious nut roll.
(You'd have to be a guy to understand)
by Bob DerRanges September 24, 2007
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See also nutty bar. Sexual colloquialism having to do with coitus and sand.
Clair dumped Cletus after he gave her a nut roll.
by Clair May 11, 2005
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