Marapets Restricted Chat

A bunch of posers who live the life of cookies, brownies, and other fatty foods inhabited by an 18 year old grandma who takes care of all the children. They aren't creative enough to come up with anything on their own, so they copy everyone else! They prefer to "chat" properly and anyone who does not speak as well as they do are automatically considered a newb. Their post count controls and owns their life.
Person making a topic in ReC: "Hi I need to get to 9000 posts by tonight! Chat? Serving milk and cookies for everyone! NO NEWBS ALLOWED! ^__^"
by cookiesnmilkkkk!! August 20, 2009
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Abbreviation for Random Epic Chat

A term used to describe the epic anonymous online conversations that every user seeks but rarely finds on random chat sites such as Omegle.com & chatroulette.com

These conversations are highly elusive but, once found, can be a great way to pass the time and a great way to meet people from all around the world.

Some R.E.C.'s are even recorded in various ways and might be remembered through Urban Dictionary entries, screen shots or other memorabilia as many people are keen to have evidence that there are Epic people on the internet.
Dude, have you been on Omegle lately?
-yeah, and I actually had an R.E.C.!
No way, that's awesome
What did you do?
-We made this awesome entry on Urban Dictionary


You: lmao
Stranger: man, this is a real R.E.C.
You: yeah, we totally R.E.C.-ed this!
by The R.E.C.-ers May 29, 2010
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In fl state prison when one is about to take another to "rec" it could mean one of three things. First is to go outside on recreational grounds . Second is to fight some one . Third is to rape .
Inmate 1 : this dude stole my honey bun ima take his ass to rec later

Inmate 2:I bet his honey bun is tight
by Hamzilla June 27, 2014
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a short fort form of the word recreation; women, usually ready to engage in sexual relations very quickly;
Let's go the club. I hope there's gon' be plenty of rec up there.
Call me dawg, I'll have some rec at the crib
by George Wilson March 13, 2004
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Resources for Every Creator.
REC is an resource sharing entertainment company started in the city of Philadelphia that has created a platform to help creative entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses.
"Yoo I just wrote these fire bars! You know a dope spot I could go and record?"
"You should book time at the REC Room. They've got everything you need and nothing that you don't."
by Freethinkers January 19, 2018
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