Aj is a guy who will always be there for you. He is loyal and the best boyfriend and is super amazing. He is a guy you couldn't live with out. Aj is cute, amazing, sweet, kind, aweome, and over all the best guy you could ever meet. You couldn't live without this Aj. He will always be there for you and is completley aweome. This is a guy u would take a bullet for any day.
Girl: When did u become so awesome.

Guy: I'm pulling an Aj.
by The awesome person09(: March 01, 2013
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Aj is a guy every girl wants. He is caring, lovable, humorous, and Musically talented. He has breathtaking eyes and a beautiful smile. He is a gentleman and interacts with people easily. He is a loyal friend. You can come to him with anything; he wont judge you. He is worth waiting for. Don't lose him.
by Girl15625734 July 24, 2012
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Aj's are definitely the best people you will ever meet. An Aj is extremely sexy. They are super nerdy and know just about everything there is to know. You will always have fun with an Aj because his good looks will keep you entertained. Meet an Aj and he will probably become your best friend for life. When he is in a relationship he is very sweet, loyal, kind, and only a little whipped. Aj's are great athletes and always smell good.
Girl: Why can't you be more like Aj?
Guy: Sorry I'm not kind, smart, and sexy.
by Bachowski November 29, 2013
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Believe it or not, it can be a girl's name! Girls named Aj typically love their names, even though they may be asked if it's a boy's name or if it stands for 'apple juice'. Sometimes they might be dubbed 'Ajax' like the detergent but that isn't their fault.

They are friendly, impatient but not demanding. They can be a little bit stubborn, but they aren't selfish and if you're their friend or someone they care deeply about they will teach themselves to be patient with you. They have a hard time releasing past incidents, and letting go of grudges can be a struggle. They make great friends, and although they are usually low-key they can get crazy, usually at parties or on summer nights.

They often have small facial features, and are small and pretty. They have cute expressions like scrunching their nose.
"Do you remember Aj/Ajax?"

"Fuck yeah, she's adorable."
by nickelback sucks February 25, 2013
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the sweetest guy that you will ever meet. he will make you feel like you are really special and will make sure that if you are hurt to not hurt you in that way ever. if you have had any bad experiences with guys in the past this guy will make you realize that there are nice guys still out there. he will take care of you when you are having a bad day and will make you feel so much better about yourself. you will be able to move on from anything bad that has happened with other guys by getting an Aj in your life to help. he will make you feel so special and loved again that you wont want to let him leave your life which he doesn't mind because he will want to be your friend.
girl 1: i need someone to talk to and my best friend is too far away.
Aj: you can come talk to me. i am here for you and will listen to what ever you need to talk about.
by :)cupcakes November 17, 2012
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Aj is gorgeous she can be a great friend wehen you need one I’m glad I have one💓
by Eli2568 March 03, 2018
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A man who is a total badass. Most likely a marine or some other bad ass profession, such as porn star, elected official, super-athlete or even C.E.O. of your mom. Disclaimer: Will fornicate with any friends hot mom with out regret. An Aj is a cold blooded ladies man with the future in his eyes and fire spewing from his mouth.
An Aj usually makes good money, certainly more than you, yet your not exactly sure how. An enigma will spontaneously combust if ever to come into contact with an Aj.
An Aj can be found in Public places such as cities, towns, or American territories. An Aj can also be found in the isolation of the deep wild where he may be pondering ponderous thoughts of the very existence of time and space which would cause lesser men's heads to implode in the manner of a rather disturbing sucking sound. 
I digress explaining an Aj any further would simply take away from the only pleasure you will know for the next 20 minutes. The basking in of the the thought of the very essence that is an Aj.
Girl 1: Woah, check out that Aj over there.
Girl 2: I think he looked at you!
Girl 1: Well that would explain wy my bra's off, panties are down.
by Ajthegreat April 27, 2011
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