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To butt in during a conversation, effectively talking over the other person.
She just wouldn't shut the fuck up so I had to steamroller her. It always works!
by Starchylde September 08, 2016
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A sexual position in which one person, preferably very tall, lays on their back whilst the other person sits on their face. In the spirit of a steam roller the person on top somersaults back and forth switching from sitting on the face, to sitting on the dick (and/or strap on.) Rolling that pavement flat.
“Dude how was your date with that chick last night?”

“She steam rolled me all night long!”

“Damn! She really did the steam roller?”
“She did a somersault on my dick!”
by IwishIinventeddoggystyle1997 September 04, 2019
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A weed pipe that is made out of a cylinder open on both ends with a bowl on the top-back. The user covers the end with his hand, and sucks on the pipe until it all is filled with dense smoke, and then pulls off his hand to inhale it all in
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
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A device for smoking marijuana that consists a bowl in the middle of a tube.
Pass that steam roller, bro.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
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This is a pipe with the carb (choke) on the end opposite the mouthpiece, as opposed to on the side. The general idea is to get as haughty a hit as possible by holding a finger over the carb while lighting the bowl and sucking in until the chamber is full, then releasing your finger and inhaling to clear the chamber. Coughing and hacking may follow (expect it).
"After 2 hits from the steamroller I had to go to bed."
by sativamy July 02, 2004
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n. something that crushes bikes, cats, small children, and grannies.
Sumbody: what happen tu yar kitty cat?
Guy: it got crushed by the steamroller.
by Ken R. November 22, 2004
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A device used for smoking marijuana.
can be home made, preffarably out of water bottles.
held horizontally.
you smoke with a steam roller by covering the carb; and hitting the device, letting it fill with smoke. than that of a pothead would uncover the carb and clear the steamroller of smoke.

one hit can provide a great high.
Billy cleared the whole steam roller. he was a pothead now.
by Bruntanng October 19, 2005
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