A gorgeous girl with a big heart. Girls are jealous of her. Guys don't get her. Actually, nobody really gets her (expect the people that truly know her). That's because Clair doesn't try to be anybody- she's just Clair.

If you don't like Clair, You just don't know her well enough yet. If you hate Clair, she doesn't care. She knows that's your problem, not hers.

She just wants to have fun and make people laugh she is that girl that sometimes she can be crazy weird but in a good way otherwise she is just crazy fun, she is also one of those girls that gives good advice and she just always gets you.

She will be there for her friends, no matter what she will at least try her best to fix things. She will even be there for some of her enemies. That's just the kind of girl she is.( not that she has many even if she does she will act like nothing has happened because no one should be rude to each another life's too short).
Person 1: That Clair girl is strange , I don't think I like her.
Person 2: She's not strange, she's just living life to the fullest, get to know her- you'll like her. Trust me.
by shakas bro! November 30, 2016
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a name. the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. she has a perfect body, she dresses like a super model and has gorgeous hair. she is also nice smart and caring. she is perfect. any guy would be lucky to have her
friend one: daaang. that girl is perfect.
friend two: she must be a clair.
by omg4567 September 3, 2011
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if you called Clair or know someone called clair, your the luckiest person in the world. Clairs are always really gentle and kind, but under apreciated. if you know a clair show your love for her! she's usually shy, but once you get to know her shes awesome and a lot of fun. the best person to go party with. Clairs are quite clumsy and fall over a lot, but that just adds to their funny-ness! they are strong and determined. clair is also the most beautifful girl, so hold on to her and show her your'e love.
man, tottally invite clair, she's the best!
by emma Graaf December 5, 2010
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A Clair is like an angle if You know one your one of the luckiest people on earth, not only because they are stunning and beautiful but they are nice and caring too. A Clair gets along with guys easily, she most likeyly grew up with them, she has lots of friends that are girls and she definitely has her one best friend but she also has her one guy best friend. Clair is different from other girls, it may come off weird to some people but others seem to, like how odd she is they say its not a bad thing and that being unique is good. Clair really likes helping and giving advice even in situations she isn’t involved in. People have found that Clair’s advice is actually really helpful and has a real effect on there actions however some people also think they came up with the ideas Clair said and forget who really helped, either way make is happy to help even with out credit. The main point of this is that if you have a Clair as a partner, friend or relative u should become closer with her cause she will be that one good life long friend that somehow will make ur day better even with a small smile.
P1- Wow! I just met that girl over there she is so nice, but I didn’t get her name. Do you know her?, she is right over there .

P2- I don’t need to look I already know it’s Clair .

P1- Oh thankyou! Wait how do you know with out looking??

P2- I just do.😉
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A name. The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is better than anyone deserves. A girl by this name deserves the world and nothing less than that. She is amazing, cute, and almost perfect.
Wow look at Clair she is soo beautiful.
by Botum September 7, 2008
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A Clair is an adj for someone who oozes class and sophistication. Everyones friend. Often under appreciated.

Beautiful, yet humble, a combination rarely found. Be careful though- under the facade lay criminal tendancies. Somehow, the positive energies emited by Clairs mean they always come up smelling of roses.

With a Clair around, justice prevails.

Clairs are kind, warm and generous.

Why can't you be more like Clair?
Clair is beautiful, kind and warm - but watch your back with the burgers
by Rumpole 09 February 11, 2010
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French word meaning "clear", "direct", "to the point", "no ambiguity".

Also: Geneviève
Tu ne peux pas être plus clair que Geneviève!
by El Rocco June 26, 2019
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