Pronounced "New-gat"

This is the yummy scrummy soft sweet stuff that is in various chocolate bars. Not the American crap chocolate, the proper British stuff that actually tastes of chocolate.

Cadbury's is the best British chocolate manufacturer.
The best example of this is the Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bar. The chocolate bar is lightly flavoured with coffee and structured in two layers; an upper whipped nougat layer (yummy), with a lower layer of cereal ‘crispies’, these are then coated in milk chocolate.
by JeffTheQuiff August 11, 2010
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Pronunciation: 'nü-g&t, esp British -"gä

Function: verb

Etymology: French, from Provençal, from Old Provençal nogat, from noga nut, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin nuca, from Latin nuc-, nux

1: to ejaculate. 2: bust a nut.
Suzie got hella pissed when I tried to nougat in her mouth.
by Lex Loogar April 29, 2005
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nougat is a relatively new word that refers to a high grade, potent marijuana, usaully haze. the word stemed from the word nugget, which refers to any type of marijuana
"i am hallucenating right now!"
-"how many shrooms did u eat?"
"none. i just blazed some fuckin nougat!"
by lawllawllawllawl October 01, 2006
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a replacement word for a curse (ie fuck, shit etc.)
why don't you go the nougat away. that guy is such a nougathead. (fuck or shit would work there)
by Josh February 17, 2003
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