lls, "meaning laughing like shit", is usually used on most chats by teenagers, and is basically the teen usage of lolz or lol.
Bob: i saw this gay dude walking around with a stick in his hand and he was polishing it and having fun!

Jim: lls
by Dr. Pop October 25, 2009
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The worst pick for Urban's Word of the Day in the history of existence.
"Ohai guys, what do you think we should pick for the word of the day today?"

"Well, we've already picked words that are funny, topical, and insightful. Why don't we pick a piece of unholy crap?"

"Good idea! Let's go with lls."
by Ruth Hater Ginsberg September 22, 2011
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Laughinqq likee shitt
Youu are so ugly lls , Sikee nahh girll ; youu know im just playinqq
by Sunshinee' lovee <33 ; April 7, 2010
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abreviation for "laffin like shyt"
damn wen i saw wat she was wearing i saw lls
by Great One March 12, 2005
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lly refers to the Lynch Lovers Society. It is a society within Horace Mann School dedicated to the worship and Ann Lynch
I am a member of the lls
by HM Anonymous June 3, 2006
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This is the latestes, l33t3st and surest middle-finger flagdown/putdown there is and will be!
It combines the middle-finger (or, 'the looong finger' yo!) + the ring finger together with both hands out...for a sure-fire 'Fuck You!' effect!

Use at large against hobitches who think that the sun shines outta their 'lonley' asses. B-Hz!

Also known as: Super-finger/ su-fi/ ,,ll,/ ,,ii,
-Hammer: Hey Meagan! Fank you very fankin' much fer one thing, ya lil' Meh-Spacer hotard: I have grown back my pubes and my cockasaurus looks great! <<explanation needed 'ere...cause asshos like Meagan, tend to guzzle way too much jizzle quantities that studies have shown can happen to cause permanent-memory lapses!>> Ya wanted to have my cock with that full beard on it, 'member? Heeyaa! Here's fer 'fank yous':
by hytham_hammer January 2, 2007
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The Best Call of Duty 4 Game Battle clan, led by Transform.
Dude we just got fukd up by ll-_-ll
by ll-_-lliiSaMaZziNg June 17, 2009
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