Nugget - refers to a low tier thing or electronic, or simply a term to refer to out of date tech regardless of quality. Usage popularized by the YouTuber Dankpods.
Have you seen that bootleg iPod Lily bought? It's a total nugget.
by Rupertmurdock November 23, 2022
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A) A lump of fried chicken in which the entire KFC franchise is based around

B) A bag of quality marijuana

C) The result of a school prank, in which the victim is distracted, everything is removed from their schoolbag, the schoolbag itself is flipped inside-out, everything is put back in, and the resulting "nugget" is left for the victim to find and de-nugget

D) Parental slang for "idiot"

E) Spontaneous nickname for a child who is excessively cute, funny, innocent-looking, etc.

F) Slang for any large sexual part on a girl's body

G) A small lump of something precious, often gold or fried chicken. Duh

H) A word with multiple definitions of the Urban Dictionary, in which this defintion has been compiled from all the other definitions by a sad guy with nothing better to do with his time.
A) Joe: You wanna go to KFC and grab a nugget or two?

Jim: Nah thanks, I don't wanna have a heart attack. Again.

B) Joe: Where have you been?

Jim: Oh, I was just smokin' mah nugget. It was awesome!


Jim: You just got nugget'd, duh! *cracks up*

D) Joe: Oops, I didn't mean to break it!

Joe's mother: Oh Joe, you're such a nugget!

E) Joe: Aww, isn't that baby cute?

Jim: Yeah, he's duch a nugget!

F) Joe: Holy sh•t man! Look at the nuggets on that one!

Jim: I'll ready the lube!

G) Random gold miner: G'day mate! We be diggn' fer gold


Joe: Why should I care, I got mah KFC nuggets right here.

H) You're reading it right now.
by iDWiA June 12, 2011
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A midget with no legs or arms.
Don't look but that Nugget is checking you out!
by Alex K. K. January 17, 2009
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A person or a child who is cute, funny, and innocent. A way to describe someone lovingly who you cannot get over what they said, did, or just the way that they are because they are so darn cute! Must be said in a whiney-tone of voice. Nugggettt! Use it and people will follow your lead.
ex: look at that baby, he/she is such a nugget!


John asked me to the dance, what a NUGGET!
by rOxieCotton August 18, 2009
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Someone who is not particularly smart. Or said something that doesn't make sense.
John: Omg, I accidentally put soap on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste!

Bill: Bro, You are such a nugget!
by MissQuackSter November 3, 2012
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An adorable kid from the Kindergarten games that is also one of the weirdest students. He has poisonous chicken nuggets, and digs the Nugget Cave in the school sandbox. Once you collect all of the Monstermon cards, he will use their power to kill everyone except him and the player
Nugget: Nugget likes the pretty Lily.
by Yes, I'm A Fangirl... August 18, 2019
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