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Don't put up with any bullshit & will smack df outta somebody if they talking funny, period!
by Zee definition. January 8, 2020
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1.n God, or one who is like a god in a certain way. Somewhat like the Zee from the N Room.
"Holy fucking shit zee pwnz" "Yeah man I know zee kicks my ass =("
by Zee March 19, 2005
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Zee is my best friend. I doubt I even had a best friend before her.
She knows almost every thing about me.

I thank God for her, I thank God she came along. Maybe one day she won't be in my life anymore, but I'll always be thankful she was.
- nounounounounounou
- ik
- lo3l
- tasic
- Zee loves me, and I love her
- yass
- hehes are weird
by idontwannasaywhatyouneed January 5, 2014
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A zee is someone you can always trust. If you’re feeling down or sad he’ll always be there for you. Zee is drop dead gorgeous and has an amazing body and is very athletic. He’s rarely indoors and spends most of his times with his friends. He is also very caring and loving and doesn’tlike to express himself but has deep feelings, especially of love.
Yo is that Zee? I’d totally want to be around you!

Hey zee want to go get some coffee?
by David Dwayne R August 2, 2018
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A loving amazing person who will do anything for the people that they love. Zee is mostly a black people nick-name and is unisex
Zee is a nick-name
by Follow me at _3x.zee June 10, 2020
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The ability to see something so clearly that it reflect the undisputable truth, a total body experience combining all the senses at one.You see it, you understand it you feel it.It's the truth.
I zeen you flirting with my man.
by maqnene September 14, 2010
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Verb Past Participle: zeen Past tense: zaw
To see someone on zoom, to see someone virtually, to see someone not really.

Origin: 1st known usage: In a pair of emails 19May2021 GM to VC:

GM: See you there ("zee" you there, if it is zoom seeing?)
VC: So it is 'zee' you there! referring to the upcoming Zoom meeting

1st public usage: Again, "Zee you there" used as a call to action by GM at the end of a promotional facebook post @Chinese Australian Family History facebook group for a Zoom Only event (19May2021)

1st use in a Zoom session: At Sydney/Zoom only - Chinese Australian History Society/Chinese Australian Family History facebook group - Society of Australian Genealogists CA Special Interest Group Mtg#2 (aka CAHS/CAFH-SAG SIG#2, 21May2021)

Forecast future usage: In the future we will see each other less and less and we will zee each other more and more. In the far (or not so far?) future in many locations it will be too hot to step out your front door - it will be climate-induced "zoom only" lockdown again - so zee you there.

Related words: zhow
Definition: To show up for a Zoom session (or more likely not), as in "You didn't zhow up again for my latest (97th) Zoom talk"
Zee you there at the Zoom meeting
by gmaroz May 22, 2021
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