1) Sweet, sticky, candy that can be found inside of Milky Ways, Snickers, etc.

2) According to Jamie Foxx at the 2004 ESPY awards, someone who is a medium toned skin. (ex, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Kidd??)
1) Gimme that snickers bar! I want a taste of that nougat!!!

2) Tayshaun Prince, you're my nougat. ;-)
by Rachel July 25, 2004
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a word that james phelps commented under rupert grints first instagram post
by rudypankowswife­čś║ November 11, 2020
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sweet, white, sticky, candy
evan mispronounces "nougat" each time he says it. according to him, it sounds like "nugget".
by michelle February 10, 2004
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In reference to genitalia where the nougat is the testicles
dude he just fondled my nougat!
by pogo November 13, 2004
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1) Dude is that nougat on your pants?
2) I got some nougat on myself in the bathroom.
by Jason Cole May 4, 2005
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Pronunciation: 'n├╝-g&t, esp British -"g├Ą

Function: verb

Etymology: French, from Proven├žal, from Old Proven├žal nogat, from noga nut, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin nuca, from Latin nuc-, nux

1: to ejaculate. 2: bust a nut.
Suzie got hella pissed when I tried to nougat in her mouth.
by Lex Loogar April 29, 2005
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nougat is a relatively new word that refers to a high grade, potent marijuana, usaully haze. the word stemed from the word nugget, which refers to any type of marijuana
"i am hallucenating right now!"
-"how many shrooms did u eat?"
"none. i just blazed some fuckin nougat!"
by lawllawllawllawl October 1, 2006
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