A combination of "scrumptious" and "yummy", used to convey that deep, satisfied pleasure that comes after you finish something (a television show, a good meal, etc).
After he finished watching the television episode, Jem leaned back contentedly and said, "That was scrummy."
by Laura E. Hall May 11, 2006
1. Very nice tasting food.

2. A "fit" guy/gal, a hottie, very good looking person.
1. This meal is scrummy! Delicious.

2. That guy over there is scrummy! Scrummy enough to eat!
----Also used in the TV show "Ideal" where bald gay guy Brian has a different male partner every week, and every week he says "Int 'e scrummy?" to Moz.
by Avid WAS fan April 3, 2008
Snarky, know it all who dictates their way in an Humorous way.
Hey man your cousin is scrummy.
by Evil pop tart March 16, 2019
Something which is so good, it is scrumptious and yummy.
The guy who just walked in is so scrummy hot.
by ailema June 21, 2007
A term used in place of the position of scrumhalf (number nine) in rugby.
That scrummy has a great spin pass.
by Eaaaagad November 30, 2010
Also used in Ireland instead of "soccer mom"....Means school run mummy.
That scrummy in the mini van almost ran me off the road.
by BrookeSandersLove September 27, 2007
to be not quite "scumptious" and not quite "yummy"
this food is not quite "scumptious" and not quite "yummy"... in fact you might even say it is... oh crap i'm out of typing space.

no you're not

shut up frankel!! why must you ruin everything i do!? WHY!?
by Stumundo September 10, 2003