A big pain in the ass. You need five of these things now, just to post a definition. Sometimes there just arent 5 relevant tags
Urban dictionary: Gimme 5 tags now!! *evil laugh*

Poor shepherd: "I dont want no trouble, mister. I just came to Urbandictionary.com to submit a definition of gingham"
by Dope Slanger December 9, 2005
With regards to/credit to. Derived from a mixture of tag (Passing something onto another person) and Thanks.
1.Hey, the names Twigget, tags to Jemma
2.Tags to all the people that helped out
by Jemmy Berry October 2, 2005
The accomponing acronyms\synonyms\related words that are now required with every UD word {five minimum}. First applied to this site at around mid August of ’05.
The below Tags for this word are ‘Tag’, ‘Definition’, ‘Example’, ‘Word’, ‘UD’, ‘Urban Dictionary’, ‘author’, ‘related’, ‘date’, ‘name’, ‘Location’, and ‘info@urbandictionary.com’.
by Victor Van Styn October 1, 2005
Acronym for "Tell A Good Story"
if someone tells a really bad story, and you want to let them know
someone says a really bad story

"tags dude"
by ez dawg November 18, 2008
Somewhat graphiti. A way of signing your name anonomously. Sometimes people use random words, like Splat, or also symbols.
Hey man, me and Elliot went tagging last night, why didn't you show.
by Aminf April 3, 2007
An intense game that involves several people. The one who is "it" chases the other and touches them to transfer the "it" disease. THIS IS A GAME THAT SHOULD ONLY BE PLAYED BY THE MANLIEST OF MEN.
John: Hey do you wanna play tag?
Tron: No, Fuck off!
by SocialSellout October 10, 2018