1. an exclamation used when you want to punctuate/emphasize an obvious or insulting quip or action
2. an exclamation highlighting something you did not know until then
3. a personal reminder
1. "note to self: Jarod is an idiot"
2. "note to self: don't put wooden objects in the dishwasher"
3. "note to self: pay rent"
by Kommando July 9, 2004
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Expression used as an aside in conversation as a self-reminder for future reference.

The phrase is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of our era of Daytimers, Palm Pilots and other personal organizers. It is said as if the speaker was recording his thoughts on tape or some other medium.
Note to self: don't mention ex-girlfriends on next date.

So ... interested in dessert?
by DrAstroZoom July 9, 2004
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A humorous out-loud reminder/aside meant to indicate your future plans or a lesson you have just learned, dependent on the disparity between one's actions and one's inner thoughts. Originated with Norm McDonald's into-the-mini-cassette-recorder bits between jokes on Saturday Night Live.
(Several hot girls walk into the room, past a frat guy and his friends.)

"Note to self: avoid mentioning that I sleep with a teddy bear tonight."
by Hamburger U July 11, 2004
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a.k.a. memo to self. usually spoken into a dictaphone while someone else is watching. can be seen on a lot of tv shows i.e. the simpsons, twin peaks etc.
Bills Gates: Memo to self, next time my wife wants to buy china she means dishes.
by christopher July 9, 2004
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When you do something stupid, and make a mental note to yourself to not repeat it- although it is usually said aloud for comic purposes.
"Note to self- hamsters should not be used as golfballs"
by Anon May 11, 2005
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Verbal comment underlining a topic arising from what has occurred in a conversation or activity. Usually meant to be funny, and probably self directed to defuse an embarrassing situation.

Taken from the habit of people using a recording device to make notes not directly involved with the subject.
A:"So, how did your day go?"
B:"Lousy! I just want to go straight to sleep tonight . . . "
A:"Oh, ok, honey. Note to self: Go and put out the candles in the bedroom."
by D F Stuckey July 9, 2004
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Catchphrase used by comic genuis Norm MacDonald in the movie "Dirty Work"
Note To Self: Buy Ass Wart Cream For Giant Wart On My Ass

Note To Self: Germans Love David Hasselhof
by didjitmachines July 10, 2004
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