A Quip is a new term used as a synonym for a "tryhard" or "someone who tryโ€™s way too hard to be cool" which comes from basketball slang.
*Scott shoots basketball*
*Ben knocks outta net*
Scott: You fuckin Quip
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by MAHNIGGA2016 May 20, 2017
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little tidbits of joyful insight
into the nature of what is
what is
"My mind cannot think," someone spoke. Johnny responded with a quip, "so it's absent thought" he said, hinting at the deep benefit of being so.
by Yogi Suba March 28, 2015
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Person 1: Bro I was talking to this bitch on Yubo and all of a sudden shit got quipped.
Person 2: Damn bro fuck them hoes, all of them are crackwhores anyway.
Person 1: Yea bitches be wildin'
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by mymomstolemyweed123 March 16, 2020
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A.)ready to go
B.)awareness of things around you

C.)basically fleek
Todd: hey are you quip
Joe: quip af

Maddy: outfit is quip

Mac: watch out
Zach: im quip don't worry
by yerf January 14, 2015
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Code for marijuana, smoking marijuana, or to reference.

quippers, quipped, quipping,
Do you have any quips? I need to get high.

That is some good shit. I am so quipped right now.

I'm going home to quip and watch "Half Baked".

My old lady thinks I've been quipping to much latley.

I can't live without the quippers.
by Anthony Arnold September 03, 2007
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