little tidbits of joyful insight
into the nature of what is
what is
"My mind cannot think," someone spoke. Johnny responded with a quip, "so it's absent thought" he said, hinting at the deep benefit of being so.
by Yogi Suba March 25, 2015
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that little ball of hair at the bottom/drain of the sink.
"Ew! What is that quip doing here!?"
by tightmommy6790 April 5, 2010
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a new, derogatory word used to describe those black/hispanic/wigger kids who are a discrace to their own race. They usually are found in schools crowding the hallways, yelling,shouting idiotic things and generally being annoying. They think they are ghetto but in reality, wil all just end up with no job or in jail.
Damn quips always crowding the hallways.
by popcornplaya845 October 23, 2007
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a complaint; something you're bummed out about.
my only quip with this kitty is how she likes to pee on the floor.
by theslutbunny May 2, 2005
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Derogoraty term for whites
by terror6688 January 11, 2008
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