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a logical deduction of, a conclusion derived from, which results in
that made no sense and is thusly a stupid comment.
he hit the field mouse again and thusly was turned into a goon.
by Kommando May 19, 2003
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Delay extending the release date of a product due to the manufacturers wanting to add 'new and improved' functions to the product
Feature creap can prolong a release date with infinate delay. see Vaporware
Duke Nukem Forever was a victim of feature creep and is now Vaporware
by Kommando July 9, 2004
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1. an exclamation used when you want to punctuate/emphasize an obvious or insulting quip or action
2. an exclamation highlighting something you did not know until then
3. a personal reminder
1. "note to self: Jarod is an idiot"
2. "note to self: don't put wooden objects in the dishwasher"
3. "note to self: pay rent"
by Kommando July 9, 2004
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Software that has been delayed so long that it will never be released.
Duke Nukem Forever was first to be made on the Quake engine, then the Quake 2 engine, then the Unreal Engine, then the Unreal warfare engine, its six years past its release date... face it, its never coming out.
by Kommando July 9, 2004
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