The difference in one's appearance between their best and worst. Its often used to comment on a girl's looks after she dresses up, puts on make-up etc, versus her in her everyday state. Can also be used to comment on guys, alhough less common
1. Did you see hot how Kate was looking last night, she has so much disparity- shes normally average!
2. Lauren has no disparity, she always looks the same
by Gronk August 5, 2007
Perry is a dirty jew and he has the face of disparity. he also loves cock in or around his mouth
by NIxCK January 15, 2008
You spelt Despair wrong idiot
Junko is ashamed
Jake: Do you like Dispare?
Abby: You spelt Despair wrong you fucking idiot
by Despair_Queen August 27, 2021
When a piece of data does not fit with the rest of the data in the set.
A red car in a parking lot full of blue cars is a disparency.
by Disparent Parent. September 24, 2008
A way to say you are poor or don't have a lot of money, used in the videogame Ratchet and Clank.
Plumber: The escape transports are takin all the rich folks off this god darn planet!
Ratchet: Why aren't you on one?
Plumber: Socioeconomic disparity.
Ratchet: What?
Clank: He hasn't got enough Bolts.
by TheRatchetandClankfan January 21, 2014
when you are married by arranged marriage, and then you don't love your spouse yet he/she loves you , but in the middle of this some suitor loves you and forms a bizarre love triangle, then you quickly divorce the spouse and be with the new lover.
she's having AMD and she's getting hit on by that hot new stud across the other side of the world!
by John Shin March 10, 2005
A very rare condition (that does not exist in real life) where one gluteous maximus muscle is larger than the other.
Though no one has ASS DISPARITY, the thought that someone could have it helps people appreciate how symetrical and perfect Creation is.
by but for February 21, 2020