The phrase used when someone does something that most people don't agree with; socially unacceptable; politically incorrect.

This phrase cannot be used in reference to dill pickles, because I'm pretty sure those are always kosher.
Jack: John, are you stealing those little kids' lunch money again? You're like 40 man you need to stop that.

John: (Looks down at his feet with shame)

Jack: Not kosher man, not kosher at all
by Andy Hesterman December 29, 2007
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Not Kosher: Don't forget to douche!
Aurosan: Douching is bad for you!
by notkoshersbigfan December 20, 2007
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Person 1: I'm going to light up a blunt in here
Person 2: No bro, that's not kosher, my parents will be pissed.
by 🐺 July 22, 2022
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To be genuine and/or legitimate.
She consulted lawyers to make sure everything was kosher.
by Kat, that's me! December 11, 2016
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Derived from the Hebrew word "kasher," which means "proper" or "pure.".

Although it is most commonly used in describing the dietary law of the old testiment or torah, it can be used fully interchangeably with "proper" or "pure" or even "lawful".

A high volume of youth have started using it as a slang for "cool" or "chill".
This meat is kosher.

Would you believe that "in her eyes", this is perfectly kosher?
by abgo July 26, 2009
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1) Blessed jewish food
2) Free from incriminating details
"Always ask for the kosher meal on flights, the staff don't ever spit in those"

"Let's keep this kosher. No references to your depraved sex life"
by Gumba Gumba August 4, 2004
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