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One of the worst presidents in U.S. history. Cheated on his wife, then lied about it (but I kind of don't blame him, I mean, look at who his wife is). Inherited a good economy and took credit for it. Then destroyed the economy, while Bush takes the blame. The president doesn't have much to do with the economy.
Only president so far to have been elected by MTV. Oh, yeah, and his running mate claimed to have invented the internet after Clinton got out of office.
by Jess April 18, 2005
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A fit of intense geekly joy, happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day, or when they get uber excited and riled up; When a geek goes into geekstcy, Has a geek-on; What makes a geek go crazy; When a geek has reached his or her geek climax; The equivalent of a sexual orgasm for a geek.
My XBOX is coming, I think I'm going to have a geekgasm!

I made John have a geekgasm by mentioning that Star Wars action figures were onsale.

by Jess October 20, 2003
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From the commercial for "Smirnof Vodka"

Where the people in the commercial want to get access to this party so pretend they know sergio.. And give ambigious vague descriptions of him
"lightish darkish hair"
"about this tall" (making reference to medium height
by Jess February 23, 2005
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A word to say when you are stupidly bored...
*deafening silence*
person: Urglegurk
everyone: LAUGHS
by Jess August 31, 2004
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a best friend, someone you put a lot of trust in.
you're my ace boo coo man i know you won't repeat that!
by Jess January 30, 2005
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term of endearment from one wigger to the next. Can be shortened to "foz"
'Sup, foz? -or- 'sup foznee?
by Jess July 16, 2004
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As it applies to the infamous Jersey drivers, this salute is usually given with some road rage and foul language
by Jess February 27, 2005
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