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No1 Stunna....of course!!! also beautiful pet dog to Joel Madden and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.
by Jess December 9, 2003
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Adjective used by some democrats to describe anyone who does not agree with liberal points of view.
Republican: "I think that the invasion of Iraq was perfectly justified."

Democrat: "Well, you're just too narrow-minded to see that liberals are always right about everything."

Me: "It would be easier to see what is right if you pulled your head out of your ass..."
by Jess July 7, 2005
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Being very high (on pot or pills) and fairly drunk at the same time, almost to the point of passing out, but you still can tell whats going on
It has a hippie influence as it was started in Lawrence Kansas by a bunch of complasted college students.
*arriving at a party*
-dude, these people are messed up
-They're totally complasted


-Are you ok?
-i'm great, i've been complasted since noon.
by Jess June 19, 2006
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When a man undresses you with his eyes and makes it very very obvious; when your face has been taken advantage of
Ashley was face-raped when we went to Pizza Hut the other night by one of the pretty monsters who was working there.
by Jess November 19, 2003
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Another Slang word invented to make excuses for not acknowledging the english language.
Most Popular in the hip-hop community or by others who chose to emulate it.
by Jess February 20, 2005
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when you lift your arm up and there is fat jiggling to and fro.
or you are just obese and everything about you is fat, including your arms.
wayne, "dont look now! that lady has some serious fatarm."
jimbo, "damn bro, that lady fat."
by Jess October 16, 2004
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The best looking guy! Is a sweetheart for the most part but has trouble understanding his girlfriend and all her craziness. A great friend and hardworker. Extreme Intelligence. Did I mention HOT!
I love you CoreyMyLove!!!!
by Jess November 22, 2004
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