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A homosexual, the poor man's term for homosexual. A word made famous and most commonly associated with Monty Python.
You great poof.

"Oh poof's not good enough for HIM, he has to be a bleeding FAIRY!"
by Jess October 20, 2003

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When every thing is chill
Don't worry, everything's kosher.
by Jess March 07, 2005

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A woman/girl/lady who is dating/going out with/going steady with a man/boy/gentleman. A girlfriend should appreiciate and care for her boyfriend and respect him. also treat him how she wishes to be treated.
"she's my girlfriend"
"i have a girlfriend"
"i love my girlfriend"
"she's his/her girlfriend
by Jess November 30, 2004

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An indie band made up of Isaac Brock the lead singer, Eric Judy the bassist, and Jeremiah Green the drummer. They've released four albums: This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About, The Lonesome Crowded West, The Moon and Antarctica, and Good News For People Who Love Bad News. They're an amazing band because of their quirky lyrics that somehow make sense in the end.
The track 3rd Planet off the Moon and Antarctica album was a great opener
by Jess April 07, 2005

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Pretty cool country really. Thankfully is going after those terrorist SOB's unlike SOME (cough cough FRANCE cough cough). Powerful country and ally of the U.S.
People from Russia have cool accents.
by Jess February 07, 2005

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A rectangular cloth with crude stiching worn by morbidly obese persons.
Becca said, "Dude, I've gained SO much weight, I need to wear a moo moo!"

Amy walked by and shouted "Hey, Jane, look at Roberta's dress. It's so huge, she looks like she's wearing a moo moo"
by Jess June 09, 2004

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"Stupid" or "idiot" in Korean
person: You cheated! You babo!
by Jess June 15, 2003

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