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A popular phrase these days. Used on anything that scientists believe has health hazards. Also used to describe things that are popular and is used by people who wish to criticize it. Eventually, everything will become "bad for you" and we will all die of starvation. Also see cancer
Paranoid Bitch: OMG I heard red bull was bad for you! Don't drink it.

Paranoid Bitch: OMG fast food is bad for you, don't eat it!

Paranoid Bitch: That cheese cake looks amazing, but it has trans fats, which are bad for you!

Other guy: Oh guess I have to eat nothing but veggies and fruits now. Let me just eat this steak.

Paranoid Bitch: Steak is red meat, it's bad for...

Other guy: *shoots bitch*
by Other guy ;) August 26, 2006
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