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A slang word for large breasts, tits, jugs, etc.

Also known as a premium American porn website, Brazzers.com.
by 🐺 November 10, 2018
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A rare-subspecies of the Goblin genus who focus solely on acquiring clout or notoriety, instead of the typical goblin resources like gold or jewels. Unlike standard goblins, Clout Goblins have the ability to seamlessly assimilate into modern society and prey upon those with a surplus of clout. A Clout Goblin will continue to move throughout various scenes and social groups once clout levels have been depleted or once they've have been discovered by the host or the host's microcosm.
Person 1. Heyyy! Let's hang out later! We can take pictures with each other in your new Range Rover and post them on Insta.

Person 2: No. Because you're a Clout Goblin.

Person 1: *Hisses and turns into a pile of potash*
by 🐺 August 18, 2021
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Bumpfire, or bump firing*, is a technique used with semi-automatic firearms to replicate full-automatic fire, using the recoil and weight of the firearm to engage the trigger. This technique can be used with any semi-automatic firearm by affixing the trigger with a stationary object and pulling the handguard forward to fire a round.

Bump fire stocks, an aftermarket product which replaces the pistol-grip furniture of a rifle to accommodate bump firing, have recently come under scrutiny with their involvement in the Las Vegas massacre, although previously available for many years in the US.

Bump fire is viewed by many enthusiasts as a novelty, ineffective for combat or self-defense due to the uncertainty of the technique and inaccuracy of sustained rates of fire.
Johnny: I want to learn how to bumpfire my Ar-15

Bill: I'm calling the FBI
by 🐺 February 23, 2018
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The noxious fumes let from ones asshole after consuming excessive amounts of processed meat, such as pepperoni or beef jerky. Occasionally paired with meat sweats, meatfarts can peel the paint off a car door and have been known to render small children unconscious.
Johnny released a meatfart that triggering a catastrophic earthquake in Belize, which he blamed on his dog.
Don't be like Johnny
by 🐺 August 26, 2017
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A written document prepared by a single person, intended to garner attention towards a specific topic or issue.

Associated infamously with the ramblings of a fanatical zealot or crazed madman, a manifesto can take the form of an autobiography, essay, or critique by the author, and may be published or sent to a public media source.
The school shooter prepared his manifesto with a meticulous ferver, hoping to share his fallible ideology with the world.
by 🐺 November 10, 2018
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A cute, and simaltaniously edgy name for chicken nuggets.
Man: Yeah, I'll have a number 3 and a 10-piece nuggers, extra sauce

Employee: sorry sir, but we're all out of nuggers.

Man: Fuck you, you ugly ass beta male! I come here every day for nuggers, and every day you give me another sad story. How about you go in the back and fry my nuggers.

Employee: How dare you talk to me like that you retard hick. You think I like this job? You think I like frying nuggers for hillbilly scum? I could've done something with my life, man.

Man: Every day its another sad story with you man. When are you going to stop making excuses for yourself? If you dont want to cook nuggers, then maybe you shouldn't be working at *exploitative*
by 🐺 January 21, 2020
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