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On-rail ~ Adjective

A repeatable action or outcome which is guided by a strict, predictable process.
This is an on rail project, following a repeatable set of steps.
by 🐺 July 5, 2022
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Noun:/ kærín
A Karen, historically known as a Nancy, is a pejorative term used for any 29 - 55 year old middle to upper-middle class white woman. A Karen will go out of her way to impose their belief structures on any unwitting or unsuspecting individual, once broken off from their pack and cornered a Karen will publicly berate the victim, possibly involving an authority figure if the victim is of minority decent.
...Karen then yielded her most powerful tool, her iPhone 10, pounding the screen vigorously and slamming it to her ear.

"Um, hello? Can I speak with the manager!??"
"Yes ma'am, I'm the manager."
"What the hell kind of place are you running here! I'm currently in the drive thru lane, and I've been waiting here for 15 minutes!! Do you think that's acceptable?"
" We apologise ma'am, your meal is free."
by 🐺 February 15, 2021
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Short for "Got em" or "Gotcha", used to express a shortlived victory or success after bamboozling someone.
Son: Yo dad, did something come in the mail today?
Dad: No, what?
Son: Deeze nuts!
Dad: *Silence*
Son: Gottee!
by 🐺 October 6, 2018
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Verb~ hold-it-down

To effectively contain or handle a difficult or uncompromising situation, where auxiliary support may be limited or non-existent.

To "keep it real."
I'm going to the store, can you hold it down while I'm out?

She really held it down at the party last night, and made sure no creepers bothered us.
by 🐺 November 10, 2022
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Johnny wooed Jane with his erotic dancing and giant cock.
by 🐺 September 27, 2018
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A rare-subspecies of the Goblin genus who focus solely on acquiring clout or notoriety, instead of the typical goblin resources like gold or jewels. Unlike standard goblins, Clout Goblins have the ability to seamlessly assimilate into modern society and prey upon those with a surplus of clout. A Clout Goblin will continue to move throughout various scenes and social groups once clout levels have been depleted or once they've have been discovered by the host or the host's microcosm.
Person 1. Heyyy! Let's hang out later! We can take pictures with each other in your new Range Rover and post them on Insta.

Person 2: No. Because you're a Clout Goblin.

Person 1: *Hisses and turns into a pile of potash*
by 🐺 August 18, 2021
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The approved abbreviation for "Big Titty Goth Chick(s)"

Like the humble and rare Big Titty Goth Chick 🦄, the abbreviation -- BTGC, should also be used rarely and treated with reverence.
Bless the my Lord, for the BTGC you have bestowed upon thy lap.
by 🐺 April 11, 2022
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