Alinity isn't banned from Twitch, even though she has abused cats on stream.
by Pirolye April 24, 2020
One of those words that shouldn't be spoken on YouTube to avoid it from getting triggered and start hiding your content
Mel: I should probably livestream myself sleeping on twitch. Oops, I meant the purple social media thing.
by nish-ant June 2, 2021
(Derogatory) A slut; a tease; a general nuisance; someone who uses sex (or the promise of it) to get what she wants without regard for other people's feelings. Combination of twit and bitch; also referring to someone who walks in a suggestive ("twitchy") manner.
by Emby Quinn October 22, 2003
A Twitch is a scapegoat that is easily blamed for anything and everything. Once blamed enough there would not be a doubt that the Twitch did it.
Boss man: "Who was it that didn't follow my explicit instructions?"

Hugh: "Oh man, it must have been the twitch, he is always messing everything up."
by the real crane March 4, 2014
(1) to roll up a jay or blunt.
- most always used with the word "one".
(1) hey, let's go twitch one behind papa john's!
by HappyHenry35 February 15, 2007
The moment when a person is preusured or fells presured, and it is shown by his/her face fucking up for a split second.
andy: omfg did u see that girls face ,what a stupid bitch

william: u fuckin n0ns3 she has a twitch! go fucking kill urself
by carey March 21, 2004