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The incorrect combination of "No one". Also, an older English spelling of the the word "noon".
Noone wants to be my friend.
by Jeebus October 19, 2003

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"perpetrating" a lie
you be perpin' dawg, that bitch be fuckin' everyone.... hell, she fucked yo' daddy..... not cho' baby's daddy, but cho' daddy... mutha fuckah
by jeebus July 26, 2003

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1) Lack of social skills when dealing with the opposite sex.

2) Being JTC.

3) The shock induced whilst watching JTC atttempt to communicte with the opposite sex.
Player1: JTC has NOGAME

Player2: JTC has negative game, he creates a game void around himself in social situations literally reducing the game of other people in the general vicinity.
by Jeebus December 15, 2004

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slang for the already slang word "tight". Often placed with the phrase "fo shizzie".
damn yo.. that's tizzie fo shizzie ma grizzie nizzie
by Jeebus March 03, 2003

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White gujurati guy.
He looks like Nimesh with color change!
Mom, thats bizco.
by Jeebus December 14, 2003

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Fantasmagorical music. Apparently Tooly put the F in the phrase.
This is fucking good music.
by Jeebus November 07, 2003

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The act of becoming one with your inner Tim. (I.E. the use of too many ass, penis, whore, or fuck references)
You timerized me.
by jEEbUs March 04, 2004

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