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The way the British and the Canadian spell certain words.

This way of spelling was made first therefore, it is considered right to many, whereas the American spelling of the English language is considered wrong because it was made afterwards.

Many people would even go as far as saying those from the United States are spelling things differently because they are lazy and/or uneducated.

An example is how those from the United States spell these words: Colour, Centre, Honour, favourite, odour, etc.
like Color, center, honor, favorite, and odor, etc.

If I had learned to spell them the "Correct" way I probably would have, although I didn't therefore I spell them the American way.

The people from the U.S. today learned to spell these words that way, because some English mofo that moved here in the past didn't like his own language and decided to change it to a way that made more sense to him and the other English mofos that moved here at the time.

Personally, I think "Colour" makes more sense as well as "Favourite"
I'm sorry, but "Centre" makes no fucking sense.
I don't know what people were thinking, seriously.

I hope my disgusting, ignorant American English doesnโ€™t offend anyone too badly. After all, I clearly wasn't educated enough to spell things the "right" way!
"Correct" English spelling: Colour

"Incorrect" English spelling: Color
by Stupid Uneducated American April 30, 2011
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