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Italian "douche bag". Derived from "El Duce", the nickname of Mussolini.
"I can't believe Dante would leave her at the altar. He's such an el douche bag!"
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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The act of converting rounded-off figures in one system of measurement to another to far too many digits.
Astronomer to local reporter: With only eye witness accounts, you can't be very accurate, but I'd say the meteorite was one hundred metric tons and exploded a five thousand meters altitude.

Newspaper article: From eyewitness accounts, local astronomer Dr. Hilbert pinned down the rock as being 220,400 lb. and exploding at 16,404 ft altitude.

Astronomer, reading the article: That's anal conversion! I sound like a charlatan!
by AbnormalBoy May 18, 2004
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Being against throwing oneself out a window.

Originates from autodefenestration, meaning "throwing oneself out a window", which originates from defenestrate, meaning "to throw out a window".
Pardon my antiautodefenestrationism, but my students must exit through the door.
by AbnormalBoy August 29, 2004
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Fight between two overweight girls. Like a cat fight, but not as sexy.
Somebody stop the cow fight in the parking lot before a car gets dented!
by AbnormalBoy January 24, 2005
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Semen from a young Asian (especially Chinese) man. Flavor somewhat enhanced by MSG.

Made popular by its use in the movie "Wayne's World" (or was it the sequel?).
Chang at a bar: Hey babe, do you like Chinese food? Yes? Well how would you like cream of Sum Yung Gai?
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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Someone with strong opinions (especially political) but lacks the eloquence to express them. He makes his stance known only by agreeing with an eloquent speaker with the same opinions.
Teacher: Class, what do you think?

Robert: The problem is with the tax
accountant lobbyists who demand ever more complicated tax codes to give themselves job security and tax payers headaches.

Herbert: Yeah! What he said.

Teacher: Herbert, you are such a dittohead!
by AbnormalBoy April 15, 2004
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