In poker, to make a loose play with the intent of looking like a loose player, thus inducing extra action from your opponents later.
Jose Contreras: Wow, I'm calling that motherfucker from now on, he's playing with garbage.
Bruce Lee: He's just advertising you dumb fuck, Johnny is usually tigher than a mouse.
by benny b from the bronx February 22, 2005
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a method by corporate fat cats to make people buy their products by intruding into just about every damn website motorway road and TV station to fuel their own personal greed
Hey, this can is dripping with water! BE THIRSTY!
Some celebrity eats ARSENIC BURGERS! you want to be like this CELEBRITY don't you
Wow! This supermodel likes HITTING HER HEAD AGAINST A WALL! Hmm, hitting your head against a wall may be linked to SUPERMODELS! Let's go try it! Huzzah!
Hey kids! Making your parents buy EXPENSIVE THINGS from EXPENSE CO. is COOL, because we say so! Now bug your parents into buying these things or EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU
by Potatoman December 20, 2003
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A thing thats on this site because the owner is too cheap to pay for the servers himself. He needs that money to get himself a cheap hooker.
Urban Dictionary's owner says "How could I affored an advertisement free site and 500 hookers a month? It's impossible."
by AdHaterXTREME November 11, 2007
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A mixture of displayed images, text and sound that promotes the popularity of a product or company in which the advertisement advertises.
This definition brought to you by WIRE SCREEN DOORS.
by B-Drac September 21, 2003
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A method of making a product known to further have corporate America (or other countries) tell you what to do, eat, wear.
I really like d'em Budweiser frog advertisements. Burp.
by Bud E Love May 2, 2003
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Someone or something living up to its potential and hype.
The Trojan condom is as advertised.
by DaKing007 January 28, 2009
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Advertisers are in leauge with the devil, I tells ya!
by rnr January 8, 2005
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