that comfortable resting spot where a girl can nestle her head when lying with her boy. it's that little spot between his neck + shoulder where she finds comfort and security as she drifts off to sleep.
i miss sleeping in the nook.
by meggaling December 19, 2003
a term used to disribe a person of half cuban and half french ethnicity
whats good nook.

adam's Mother is Cuban and his Father is French, so his friends called a nook.
by greg morneault July 1, 2010
A comfortable, dark,spot often furnished with pillows and low lighting. Used for nooking. Found in houses of cool dudes (or dudettes). Preferably has a window looking out onto a wonderful view, but is not necessary.
Holy shit, this nook is perfect for nooking!
by GLoUiSs143 February 9, 2005
pacifier/binky/sucky toy. a Wisconsin/upper midwest regionalism. more legitimate than bif but still kinda iffy.
She gave the screaming baby a nook to make him stop crying.
by Mya Breanizzle May 30, 2006
A gangster term for being hard or tough
"this little nigger look nook"
"straight fly nook"
by Jaun March 9, 2005
cranny and nook - minuscule crackles you find while mapping the microsphere
a nook is a peanutbutterpiesweet ankle with clattering sounds and a dim and motionless ghostperfume-smell
by lily June 26, 2004
Past tense of nick. You can't have nicked something, that just sounds fucking stupid.
by Dr Mark Doran the Third January 12, 2003