that oh.so comfortable resting spot where a girl can nestle her head when lying with her boy. it's that little spot between his neck + shoulder where she finds comfort and security as she drifts off to sleep.
i miss sleeping in the nook.
by meggaling December 18, 2003
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A hilarious nickname given to cheap dirty Russians.
Nooks: Can you hit me on ONE bowl?

Gracious friend : Damn you Nooks ya cheap bastard.
by Nooksdem January 03, 2014
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A term specifying a loose, or large vagina.

Not to be confused with Cranny (a tight vagina).
Steve: "Damn dude that girl you were with last night was slammin'"

Salazaar: "yea dude but she had a Nook, I couldn't even feel her pussy, it was like I was fucking a black hole."
by Mattimus Van Gulick January 20, 2010
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Something Cool, Great, Awesome, Sweet
"Hey look 20$!" "Nooks!!"

"Hey your invited to my party this weekend"
by Mgcmonkey October 07, 2009
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