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A cross between a slut and a bitch. Often used between the years of 13-19. When one term by itself is not enough, the person is a slunch.
Marissa just took my man, that slunch!
by GLoUiSs143 February 27, 2005
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When one goes into a nook, or any other place for that matter, to make out. Usually occurs at parties, but can occur elsewhere.
" Oh my god, I just nooked with the hottest guy in my school!"
by GLoUiSs143 February 6, 2005
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A comfortable, dark,spot often furnished with pillows and low lighting. Used for nooking. Found in houses of cool dudes (or dudettes). Preferably has a window looking out onto a wonderful view, but is not necessary.
Holy shit, this nook is perfect for nooking!
by GLoUiSs143 February 9, 2005
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